Hot Summer Stylish Suspenders

Memorial Day and summer is almost here, and so are the dazzling summer fashions that come along with it! And for those who enjoy eye-catching suspenders, summer represents a great time to discover new ways to wear your favorite fashion apparel accessories!





Summer suspenders are versatile.  Try pairing solid color suspenders with shorts, seersucker suits, or skater skirts.  Or, keep your attire simple and opt for an eye-catching pair of summer themed suspenders – including palm leaves, tropical hibiscus suspenders, flip flop suspenders, patriotic red-white-and-blue Fourth of July suspenders or exquisite handwoven silk suspenders with summer themes such as scuba diving, baseball, Hawaiian luau, and circus side shows.  Suspenders are sure to add sizzle to your look no matter how you wear them!

So how should you wear your suspenders this summer? Here’s a closer look at some of your options.

#1. Pair your suspenders with shorts
Who says suspenders should be worn with long pants only?  Take a dive into the forefront of fashion and wear suspenders with shorts for a cool and stylish look.  Men, women and kids can all pull this look off with great panache!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 1.58.00 PM




Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 2.01.39 PM


#2.  Add suspenders to traditional summer attire for a classy look

Summer styles are light and airy.  For men, this means trading wool suits for classic fabrics such as seersucker and madras.  For women this means flirty skirts and shorts. Suspenders make a dashing addition to all your summer ensembles.


05ef62d51a95319a229e5bdea0eb46c33.  Make a splash with fun, novelty themed summer suspenders

Go tropical with Palm Leaf Suspenders, Hibiscus Suspenders, Flip Flop Suspenders or Margarita Suspenders.

Tropical_CompositeMargarita_Tralflagar-1Go patriotic with red, white and blue flag suspenders.

FOURTH_OF_JULYTake a virtual or real trip to Disney and get in the spirit with a pair of Mickey Mouse suspenders.

Composite-2Express your individuality with exquisite limited edition hand-woven silk braces in summer themes to fit your unique passions.

2156TF0004_995_Glam_cl OpeningDay2

Pick up a pair of deluxe SuspenderStore suspenders for summer – you’ll be happy you did! With the right pair of suspenders at your disposal, you’ll be able to dress for comfort and fashion success any time you choose.

Batter Up: Support Your Team with MLB Suspenders

Baseball and suspenders seem to go together like popcorn and cotton candy.  Since both the sport of baseball and fashion trend of men’s suspenders both had their origins in the 1800’s, one can easily envision early baseball fans or athletes sporting a pair of suspenders.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 2.56.52 PM


In fact, baseball players did originally wear suspenders, but apparently it was too easy to hold back a base runner by grabbing his braces. To overcome this problem, belts were introduced to baseball uniform pants early on in the game’s history.

However, men of the 19th century routinely wore suspenders, and, go to a vintage baseball league game, and you are sure to spy suspenders making an appearance everywhere!





While modern day baseball players no longer wear suspenders and only an occasional fan is dedicated to this particular fashion statement, MLB fanatics love to proudly display their team support when they go to games. MLB baseball suspenders are a bold, eye-catching wardrobe addition that are sure to knock your fan style out of the park. In popular team colors, baseball suspenders are perfect for game day or for supporting your team at the office.

unspecifiedEven Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin chose to wear suspenders when he threw out the opening pitch at his local minor league baseball team, the Albuquerque Isotopes in 2014!



MLB baseball suspenders perfectly capture all of the excitement from today’s game and combine it with bygone years.  SuspenderStore’s baseball team logo suspenders have nickel finger clips and a leather crosspatch on a Y-back. They’re fun, comfortable, and stylish — a winning combination. Even better, the 1.5-inch width and 48-inch length is ideal for most baseball fans up to 6’2”.

Currently available MLB baseball team suspenders include:

Atlanta Braves MLB Suspenders — Blue plaid with recognizable white “A” logo

ATL-Braves-FrontBaltimore Orioles MLB Suspenders — Black plaid with everyone’s favorite red Oriole logo

BALT-Orioles-FrontBoston Red Sox baseball team suspenders — Red and blue plaid with the essential “B” logo

BSTN-RedSox-FrontChicago Cubs MLB suspenders — Blue plaid with the prominent red “C” logo

CHI-Cubs-FrontChicago White Sox baseball team suspenders — Black plaid featuring the familiar white “Sox” logo


How to Wear Suspenders at Your Wedding

Getting married? Formal suspenders are a great way to take your wedding style to the next level.  Check out these tips on how to wear suspenders for your wedding.

When selecting suspenders for your wedding or any formal occasion, you’ll choose either a hardware clip or a button-on style. Clips work well for contemporary or modern-styled events, while button-on is preferable for more traditional or classic looks. Either way, you’ll love the way formal suspenders look in your wedding photographs.



Jaymie Teeters #7 Bonnie Hutzelis 3 Kellie #2 12gaugecropFormal suspenders come in a variety of rich colors and fabrics to complement a tuxedo or special suit perfectly. French satin, grosgrain, jacquard and silk are all excellent suspender fabric choices for a dressy occasion.   Featuring a subtle sheen, luxurious French satin suspenders in either clip-on or button-on style exude elegance and class and are surprisingly cost effective.unspecified-3

unspecifiedGrosgrain, or ribbon suspenders, are popular choices for weddings since they come in so many different colors.  From a rainbow of solid colors, to classic stripes to vintage novelty themed ribbons, this non-stretch fabric adds a touch of sophistication and personality to groomsmen attire.

unspecified-7 unspecified-8 Composite_GrosgrainClip_BrightsAnd silk, the most polished choice of all, also comes in a broad array of choices.  A bit pricier than french satins, grosgrains and jacquards, these handsome and dignified suspenders are worth every penny for the sense of style they cultivate.

unspecified-2 unspecified-1Want to match your groomsmen’s suspenders to your bridesmaid dresses? Look for a pretty hue to match your wedding colors. Light pink button-on suspenders, for example, are the perfect accessories for weddings or everyday business wear.




You may want to consider a more casual style for your groomsmen – nix their suit jackets and have them don a crisp white shirt and show off the dressy suspenders!

Danica Roskos - see noteGoing for a more classic look? Try a matched bow tie and suspender set. Royal and regal, each color-coordinated set includes a pre-tied bow tie with an adjustable neck and a pair of clip-on one-inch-wide elastic suspenders with Y-back construction. Sets are available for both kids and adults, so the ring bearer can match the wedding party!

unspecified-4SuspenderStore is your one-stop shop for wedding suspenders – we carry the most extensive array of size and style options available anywhere!  Our wedding suspenders are available in sizes to fit toddlers to tall adults so everyone in your wedding party can get a perfect fit for your special day!


In Sync with Pink: Pink Suspenders Style Guide for Men and Women

Pink is the new red and pink suspenders are a great way to add this color trend to men and women’s attire.


Shades of light pink are particularly trendy, since one of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year is Rose Quartz, a “persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.” (


That’s one reason why pink suspenders are popping up at weddings everywhere!  Always a favorite of brides, pastel “bridal pink” is a wedding classic. But now people are also choosing to add brighter pinks to wedding attire as well.


Whether you’re a hedge fund manager, a tech executive, a street performer, a groom, or a bus driver, choosing a suspender from SuspenderStore’s pink collection says, “I can do anything.”


Choose a bold pink suspender to draw attention to yourself and flaunt your confidence, or choose a subdued color for a softer statement and a fun zap of color. With so many choices available, you simply can’t go wrong adding a pair of pink suspenders to your life.

Pink suspenders are particularly popular during October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, when people everywhere choose to wear them for work or fun to support this worthy cause.

Pink suspenders are available in a variety of styles, lengths and widths ranging from 0.5” to 1.5”. To call these suspenders “flair” would be an understatement. carries an entire pink braces collection ranging in style from dark pink Grosgrain button suspenders, pink Grosgrain clip suspenders, neon pink suspenders and more!

20160506_131908Regardless of the individual shade, type, length, or construction, each of these braces provides excitement and a burst of color.  Need some fashion ideas to get you started?  If you are a guy, try pairing dark pink grosgrain clip suspenders (from with a Calvin Klein Athletic fit button up shirt in Navy, Calvin Klein straight fit cotton twill pants in Khaki, Tom’s Brogue shoes in Grey for an eye-catching, polished but casual ensemble.

unspecified-1Or for gals – try mixing a skinny, 1/2-inch wide Light Pink suspender (also available from with Chuck Taylor’s High Top in Pink, Betsey Johnson Flower sunglasses, Forever 21 All Day crop top and mid rise cuffed denim shorts for a look that’s relaxed, fun and trendy.

unspecifiedBe bold and wear pink suspenders with confidence, showing the world that you can handle any situation that comes your way.

Women’s Suspenders

Suspenders – a fashion statement not just for men!  Think about it – a woman wearing suspenders adds an instant aura of chic to her look.  Because it is not the norm, adding a pair of suspenders to any woman’s outfit injects an element of surprise, thereby capturing people’s attention and creating a daring and confident first impression.


Skeptical?  We’ve caught many a glimpse of famous women wearing suspenders – including Beyonce, Diane Kruger, Tyra Banks, Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightly, Kate Hudson, Eva Hewson, Taylor Swift – and the list goes on.

What these celebrities all know is that women can not only rock suspenders, but that the possibilities for creative expression are practically endless.  Here are some of the many fashion statements women can make by adding a pair of suspenders to the day’s ensemble:

*Flirty – suspenders and a short skirt


*Classic – Suspenders with a tailored shirt and/or suit jacket


*Boyish – Suspenders with jeans and a t-shirt

*Sexy – Suspenders with tight, low cut, see through or otherwise bold attire


*Cute Vintage – Suspenders paired with a floppy or newsboy cap and wool shorts


*Chic – Suspenders with a designer hat, pants and shirt


Because women are generally of smaller build then men, the most popular width suspenders for women are the thinner widths – 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ wide clip on suspenders are sure to look awesome!  However, for more daring women, button-on suspenders or 1.5″ suspenders can also create a great look.


With Mother’s Day fast approaching – you may be wondering what to get your mom to show her your everlasting love and appreciation for all she’s done for you!   For the  mother who loves fashion, get her a pair of suspenders!

Lapel Flowers: Great for Prom Season

Prom season has arrived, which means teens across the country are searching far and wide for the latest fashions to dazzle their friends and family members on prom night.

Believe it or not, however, one fashion accessory offers a timeless look and feel yet makes a distinct impression during a prom celebration – the lapel flower.

There are many reasons to explore a variety of lapel flowers for your prom outfit, including:

1. Lapel flowers bring a touch of color to any outfit


Lapel flowers serve prom-goers well by allowing them to add a touch of color to any outfit quickly and easily.

With lapel flowers, even a gentleman wearing an all-white or all-black tuxedo or a lady who is dressed to impress in a glamorous green prom dress can further enhance their appearance. Plus, lapel flowers are available in many different colors, ensuring you can find flowers that complement your prom outfit without delay.


2. Lapel flowers are available to fit any prom theme

High schools nationwide host a variety of prom celebrations with themes that range from simple to magnificent. Although these themes can help teens celebrate their prom in an unforgettable setting, they also can make it tough for prom-goers to determine what to wear to match their surroundings.

Fortunately, lapel flowers feature a classic design that makes them great for proms of all themes. These flowers serve as a great addition to any prom outfit because they can complement any setting’s theme, and ultimately, make it easier for a teen to tie his or her entire outfit together as well.

3. Lapel flowers will maintain their quality

When it comes to lapel flowers, there is no need to worry. These flowers are beautiful and classy and are sure to maintain their quality on prom night and beyond.

Lapel flowers can be pinned to a prom outfit in seconds and will remain in place throughout prom night. That way, you can dance as much as you’d like without having to worry about your lapel flower falling out your outfit at any time.

Check out lapel flowers for your upcoming prom, and you’re sure to find great flowers that match your personal style perfectly.  Lapel flowers also pair wonderfully with suspenders, bow ties and pocket squares – be sure to check out all your prom accessory options on our website!

Suspenders for Weddings and Proms

Whether it’s your wedding or a prom, planning and acquiring just the right attire for your special event is part of the fun!  While women get lots of tips on how to pick the right dress, what to do with their hair and how to accessorize, many men, deprived of this type of information, are left wondering what they should do, and their attire becomes an afterthought.  Since we know guys want to look their best too, here are some helpful hints on jazzing up your wardrobe with trendy suspenders and other accessories for a fancy event.


Tip #1:   The women in your life (fiance, date, mother, future mother-in-law) will appreciate it if you try to coordinate your attire in keeping with the color theme they’ve chosen, the most important element of which is the color of the dress (for prom), or the color of bridesmaids dresses and/or flowers (for weddings).  Suspenders are a great way to add a splash of the color theme to your attire without going overboard. Pairing your suspenders with coordinating accessories such as a pocket square, lapel flower or bow tie in either the exact color or a complementary color is sure to win you bonus points.

Tip #2:  If asked for your input, suggest a pastel color theme – soft pinks, lavenders, mint greens, peaches, and light yellows are always in style for springtime proms and weddings .

Mint green and peach have been popular color choices for years!

Teal is fabulous either alone or as an accent with a primarily grey color scheme!

Lavender is sure to liven up the party.

Tip #3:  Want to wow them even further?  Mention that Pantone picked two lovely pastels for the 2016 colors of the year – Rose Quartz (a light pink) and Serenity (a baby blue).  Then show them some ideas about how you could work these colors into your attire.  You don’t have to go all out or go overboard – choose a little of the color and temper it with coordinating or contrasting accessories such as bow ties, lapel flowers or pocket squares to add interest to the palette. For example – go with matching light pink items or pair light pink with light or dark grey or even peach – you don’t have to be matchy-matchy!

For a serene take on this year’s Pantone colors, try these suspender, bow tie and pocket square color combinations in shades of light blue:

Tip #4:  If you are aiming for a traditional or conservative look, try a neutral “off” shade like ivory, taupe or silvery grey.  You’ll still give a classic impression but with a more up-to-date twist.

Ivory, sand and taupe create a time-honored summery look.

Or stay totally sophisticated with silvery grey and maybe a splash of ivory – sure to be a winner.

Tip #5:  Whatever color scheme you choose, the possibilities of suspenders and coordinating bow ties, pocket squares and lapel flowers are practically endless.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment for a uniquely you effect on your special day!


Bow Ties and Suspenders – A Match Made in Heaven!

Bow ties will dress up your suspenders and formal wear or add more fun and pizzazz to your casual wear.  A classic pairing, we carry our solid color bow-ties in 21 colors and two sizes – one for children and one for adults.  All of our bow ties are pre-tied which means they have slide adjustors to adjust to your neck size which makes them incredibly easy to wear.

Suspenders and bow ties are a favorite look for weddings, proms and other special occasions.

You can either choose one of our affordably priced matching sets for men, women and kids which include a self-tie bow tie and 1-inch wide elastic Y-back suspenders accented with dressy nickel finger clips, or you can mix and match colors and patterns to come up with your own unique style.

Pairing a solid color bow tie with one of our fun novelty suspenders makes a unique and splashy statement.

We also carry pocket squares and lapel flowers in some colors to add even more class to your attire.

Get ready for a formal occasion fast with our sleek black microfiber pre-tied bowtie and cummerbund set.

If you’re a sports fan, browse our popular NFL team logo pre-tied bowties with matching suspenders.  You’ll be a hit around the town when you wear this combo to show your team spirit!

So whatever the occasion and whatever your style, with so many suspenders and bow ties to choose from, you are sure to find just the right pairing at SuspenderStore!

A Guide to Kids Suspenders

Kids look cool in suspenders. They add grownup flair to little kid fashions. Older kids love the unique looks they can achieve with suspenders plus or minus a dapper bow tie. Grownups love that our children’s suspenders are washable. At SuspenderStore, we’ve been selling kids’ suspenders since 1999. All kid suspenders are unisex styles.

Singer-songwriters Usher and Gwen Stefani have dressed their stylish tykes in suspenders. Stefani’s young son has been photographed wearing trendy jeans, sneakers and suspenders over a white tank top. Usher’s boys have been photographed wearing colorful suspenders and matching bowties with button-down little boy cotton shirts and khakis.

Choosing the Right Size

At SuspenderStore, our children’s suspenders are available in dozens of solid colors, colorful patterns and styles. We recommend the 25-inch size for infants and toddlers 9 months to 24 months. For toddlers up to 5 years old, choose the 30-inch size. For older or taller kids – 5 years old to 5 feet tall – 36-inch is the right length.  Pick suspenders in a 42-inch size for kids over 5 feet tall.

When buying for children, measure the distance from the back waistline of his or her pants, moving the tape measure diagonally over the child’s shoulder to the front waistline. Because our children’s suspenders are adjustable, choose the next larger size for the correct length. Older kids and teens often can wear adult-size suspenders.

What we’ve noticed is that pre-teens and teens tend to prefer skinny suspender styles. Our youth suspenders include skinnier 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch styles, as well as standard 1-inch widths for children and teens.

Style, Function, Fun

Our kids’ suspenders are available in Y-back and X-back styles. Because they are more widely spaced, the X-back-style suspenders offer more support and stability.

Choose suspenders with sturdy metal clips that attach to the waistline of the pants or skirt, or choose our kid-sized button suspenders that loop over pants buttons. Our American-made button suspenders have handsome leather patches and attachments. If your child’s pants or skirt doesn’t have buttons, order a set of our sew-on or no-sew buttons.

Suspenders with our matching pre-tied bow ties will add fun flair to school clothes or dress up formal occasion outfits. Our bow ties for children are cut smaller at 1.5 inches wide at each end and fit neck sizes 7 to 15 inches. We have matching adult solid color bowties and suspenders, too, for family photo sessions. Choose from up to 20 colors, including white. Shop our patterned and novelty suspenders for kids.

Boys and girls like to wear suspenders with turtlenecks and plain T-shirts. Colorful or solid-color suspenders will dress up girls’ skirts and blouses, and boys’ button-downs and jeans or slacks. Or, dress up a T and cargo shorts. We have glitter suspenders for kids that are favorites for school plays, dance recitals and holiday parties. Our novelty suspenders for kids include styles with cartoon, superhero, sports and pet motifs.

A Guide to Suspender Fabrics

When it comes to the construction of suspenders, elastic suspenders are considered the most versatile and inexpensive. However, there are many different types of suspender fabrics – from rough and ready polypropylene or leather to fine and fancy grosgrain, jacquard or silk.  What suspender material you choose will depend on your apparel, personal sense of style and the occasion. SuspenderStore has been supplying men and women the finest suspenders in a variety of fabrics and styles since 1999.

Versatile Elastic

With elastic suspenders, you have more leeway in fit because of the stretch. Choose solids, patterns – either subtle or bold – or specialty finishes such as glitter, jacquard or french satin suspenders. While the most popular elastic suspenders have metal clips, they’re also available in button suspender styles with leather patches and accents. British-made Barathea suspenders are the luxury style of elastic suspenders with high-quality nickel or brass hardware and goatskin leather accents. These braces are custom-made by Albert Thurston for SuspenderStore.

Hard-working Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a material that’s sturdy for heavy-duty jobs. Because this material doesn’t stretch, elastic below the X in back allows for flexibility. Extra-sturdy alligator clips will hold up your pants, even with heavy tool belts strapped on. At SuspenderStore, this American-made style of suspenders is available in regular and big and tall sizes.

Grosgrain and Oxford Classics

Grosgrain (or ribbon) suspenders are made with a tightly woven material with narrow ribbing. They’re a traditional choice for business and business-casual apparel. Oxford cloth suspenders are made of a durable cotton or cotton blend similar to what you’ll find in premium dress shirts. This style has a distinctive basket weave pattern. This is another classic suspender fabric that pairs with business or sporty attire. Choose metal clip or button suspenders with leather accents.

Jacquard Traditions

The classic tone-on-tone look of jacquard suspenders is created with a non-stretch woven fabric that incorporates a touch of elastic in SuspenderStore styles to provide flexibility. The patterns are incorporated into the weave versus being applied with dyes, which creates a distinctive appearance. Jacquard suspenders are a popular choice for boardroom and formal wear with clips or button attachments.

Genuine Leather

Hand-tooled leather suspenders are another versatile choice for business or a day at the ranch. Braided leather and smooth styles are favorites for office wear. Or, choose Western-style leather suspenders, which are still called galluses in the Western United States, with Old West metal accents and distinctive stitching in leather, fine cowhide or even horsehair on leather.

Silk Luxury

Silk is the luxury fabric of suspenders in solids or patterns for the executive suite or formal occasion. The smooth, silky texture creates an elegant look at weddings and other dressy affairs. Paisley and herringbone are classic silk suspender patterns. At SuspenderStore, you can also browse Trafalgar Limited Edition hand-woven silk suspenders. Only limited quantities of each design is available, which is why each set of suspenders arrives boxed with an official collector’s card.