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Halloween Suspenders – Novelty Suspenders for Halloween

Embrace all things spooky and supernatural with a stylish pair of Halloween suspenders. At SuspenderStore, we know that novelty suspenders are some of the most fun accessories to wear for special occasions. Halloween is an especially appropriate time to add suspenders to your look because it’s a holiday that focuses on dressing up and wearing […]

How to Adjust Suspenders – Proper Fit for Suspenders

Buying a stylish pair of suspenders is the first step in creating snappier outfits. But if your suspenders don’t fit correctly, you won’t achieve the fashionable look you’re going for. At SuspenderStore, we want to make sure you get the very best results when you wear this handsome accessory. That’s why we’ve put together this […]

When to Wear Suspenders – Suspender Styling Guide

You’re never too old or young to wear suspenders. However, you might be wondering which occasions call for this accessory. We’ve put together this SuspenderStore Guide for when to wear suspenders so you know the right moments to add some extra style to your look. Find a few pointers for when it’s appropriate to wear […]

Perry Suspenders – Stylish Belt Clip Suspenders

If you’re looking for a great new way to wear suspenders, check out our selection of Perry products at SuspenderStore. This brand has become one of our top sellers thanks to its innovative belt clips in place of the traditional clip-on or button-on suspender styles. In addition to providing a convenient solution for keeping suspenders […]

Are Suspenders Bad for Your Back? – SuspenderStore

Fashion has a long history of pain. From corsets to high-heeled shoes, piercings to itchy wool suits, the idea that pretty must be painful has endured for generations. But that is changing in the 21st century, with the rise of “athleisure” clothes and a decline in super-strict office dress codes. However, a few instruments of […]

Are Suspenders Professional? – SuspenderStore

A polished and professional workplace wardrobe is essential for anyone looking for success on the job. If your office requires formal or business casual attire, you may struggle with the urge to express your unique personality while staying within the dress code. What if you could impress your boss with your business-appropriate look while catching […]

Are Suspenders the Same Thing as Shirt Braces?

Are Suspenders the Same Thing as Shirt Braces? Suspenders are fairly well-known in the U.S. as a stylish accessory that attaches to the pants and goes over each shoulder. But if you’ve heard some pairs of suspenders referred to as braces, you may be confused; aren’t they actually the same thing? If you’ve ever wondered […]