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Memorial Day Suspenders

Memorial Day has several meanings. For the entire country, it’s a day to reflect on the heroism and sacrifices of brave soldiers and military veterans. For people making plans for picnics and fun outings, it’s also a time to enjoy hanging out with family and friends. If you’re a fan of wearing suspenders, there are […]

Selecting the Right Suspenders

HOW TO CHOOSE SUSPENDERS To the fashion-conscious, suspenders are a deeply personal accessory. With so many variations to choose from, selecting the right suspenders is crucial because they can speak volumes about not only your personal style, but also your personality. Size Let’s start at the beginning — choosing the right size. Because of their […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Suspender Store

Moms everywhere look forward to Mother’s Day each year. And while flowers and jewelry are always appreciated, mothers also realize that these gifts don’t exactly require a lot of creativity or thought. Rather than opting for a typical go-to Mother’s Day gift this year, think outside the box and surprise her with the gift of […]

Cinco de Mayo Suspenders

Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture, including a long-ago victory of the Mexican army over Napoleon’s dominating forces. To celebrate this happy occasion, you can jazz up your everyday outfit with festive suspenders. Low-Key Style Choices While it’s awesome when Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend, chances are high that […]

Bikers Suspenders for Spring

SUSPENDERS FOR BIKERS Biker Style SuspendersSpring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get the ol’ bike out of the garage, give her a dust off and start dreaming about beautiful afternoons spent cruising the countryside. BIKER STYLE Bikers are known for many things — looking tough but actually being some of […]

Bow Ties & Suspenders Combo – SuspenderStore

One of the hottest new styles in men’s formalwear is the suspenders and bow tie combo. By bringing these two fun accessories together, you can create a stand-out outfit that’s sure to make you look sharp and sleek. And because there are so many different types of combinations for suspenders and bow ties, you can […]

What Color Suspenders Pair with Popular Suit Colors?

Just because a pair of suspenders looks stylish doesn’t mean it’s meant to be paired with anything in your closet. To make sure you look sharp, sleek and chic, you’ll want to carefully consider the colors when choosing which suspenders to wear with which suit. It doesn’t all have to match perfectly, but certain colors […]

About Jacquard Style Suspenders

SUIT YOUR STYLE: JACQUARD SUSPENDERS History One of the most iconic styles of suspenders out there, jacquard suspenders are available today thanks to the hard work of a clever individual. The weaving process that brought us these suspenders was first invented in 1801 by a French inventor named Joseph Marie Jacquard (solves the mystery of […]