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These Button and Clip-on Ends Hold Up Suspenders

One of the things you’ll notice once you begin looking for a good pair of suspenders for your wardrobe is the different suspender attachment choices available. These are found at the bottom of every pair of suspenders and they all perform the same function – holding up your suspenders so that they stay put until […]

5 Types of Dress and Casual Leather Work Suspenders

Leather suspenders are an alternative option to popular styles made from fabric, and they’ve been around since suspenders were invented. They’re also a sturdy and reliable alternative to wearing leather belts. And suspenders made from fine quality leather have the advantage of being a versatile fashion accessory for classic, modern and vintage style outfits. It’s […]

How to Attach Women’s Stockings to Suspenders

If you’re interested in wearing a suspender belt as a lady’s undergarment accessory for holding up stockings, keep reading to find out how to do exactly that. Along the way, you can also learn the difference between a classic suspender belt and fashion suspenders commonly worn by women. Suspender Belt vs. Fashion Suspenders Suspender belts […]

Top Fashion Suspenders for Spring and Summer

The weather is turning warmer as winter winds give way to spring renewal and summer warmth. With seasonal change comes a change in outfit choices, and suspenders can be switched up right along with all your other accessories. That’s right, it’s finally time to choose suspenders that complement your spring and summer wardrobes. To get […]

Can Women Wear Suspenders with Business Attire?

Suspenders are a clothing accessory that have both a fashionable and practical function. They are a viable alternative to belts for casual and work outfits, but they can also make a dapper fashion statement in professional settings. Men have been wearing suspenders with business suits and business casual outfits for decades, and suspenders are considered […]

Have You Tried These Cool Ideas for Suspenders?

Fashion is constantly evolving and so are ideas for wearing accessories such as suspenders. Perhaps you’re ready to branch out a bit and try some new ways for wearing your collection of suspenders. If so, you’re in luck because The Suspender Store is here to help you with some fresh fashion combinations. Bold, Fun Stripes […]

Your Guide to Matching Your Suspenders with Shoes

A question that frequently comes up is, “Should I match my suspenders with my shoes?” The short answer is: In some cases, yes, you should, and in other cases, it’s not necessary. As you can see, there are different fashion rules to follow when coordinating shoes with suspenders. Let’s take a moment to sort out […]

Does Wearing Suspenders Cause Shoulder Pain?

Suspenders and shoulders go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—it’s hard to imagine enjoying one element without the other being involved. Suspenders are designed to slip over both shoulders and then be attached to bottoms via clips or buttons. So, when you feel pain in your shoulder, it may be a natural reaction […]