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Back to School Suspender Style

Return to campus or the classroom this year looking like a million bucks with dapper suspenders. Whether you’re looking for a great way to reinvent your look or just want to add some standout style to this year’s wardrobe, SuspenderStore has got the fashion tips required for any style-savvy scholastic achiever. Here are a few […]

The Ultimate Debate: Suspenders vs. Belts

How do you prefer to hold your pants up - with belts or suspenders? In the mid-nineteenth and early 20th century, suspenders were almost universally worn because the high cut of trousers during that time made belts impractical.  Today, most pants fall slightly below the natural waist and belts have become the standard choice.   […]

Heavy Duty Work Suspenders for Industrial Jobs

Butt crack and plumbers crack may be a running joke with comedians, but for men and women in the labor force, it’s not necessarily a laughing matter. No, plumbers and contractors aren’t trying to flash people or enjoy being on the receiving end of people’s jokes. It’s an on-the-job annoyance that plagues many people employed […]

Striped Suspender Styles: Pair the Pefect Stripe with your Outfit

Thin stripes, thick stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, equal width stripes, pin stripes, bold stripes, subtle stripes, zebra stripes, striped suspenders with clip attachments, striped suspenders with button attachments, silk suspenders with stripes, grosgrain striped suspenders, elastic striped suspenders - the possibilities for adding striped suspenders into your wardrobe are almost endless! With so many types […]

Purple Haze: How to Wear Purple Suspenders

For many people, there’s a certain comfort zone they stick to when wearing suspenders. Neutral shades like black, navy, charcoal, tan and brown is about as adventurous as some people are willing to get. While those classic colors are great mainstays, there’s no reason not to indulge in more daring colors too. Colors like purple can […]

Mini Me: The Best Suspenders for Your Kids

What could be cuter than a kid in suspenders? May its the concept of dressing up your son like a mini-man, maybe it's the fun of adding a "snappy" accessory to their outfits, maybe you love all things old-fashioned, or maybe it's just simply the fact that suspenders will keep your kids pants from falling down […]

Style Guide: What to Wear to a Summer Polo Match

A polo match is the perfect forum for wearing suspenders. They’re just trendy enough to fit the slightly eccentric yet fashion-forward decorum of the event’s atmosphere. While the dress code for a polo match is usually "smart-casual", attendees aim to be both comfortable and stylish.  According to menswear designer Dom Bagnatoof in an interview with […]

How to Wear Suspenders with Shorts

Summer is here and with the heat comes the shedding of extra layers of clothes and shortening and lightening of attire whenever possible.  Suspender lovers may find themselves wondering: Can I get away with wearing suspenders with shorts? The answer is - absolutely!  Not only do shorts and suspenders look stylish, but many wearers of […]