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Make a Statement: How to Rock Red Suspenders

The color red implies energy and passion.  In a 2014 study that appeared in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing, researchers found that wearing red increased the degree to which a presenter could persuade his audience.  In addition, researchers at the University of Rochester and the University of Munich have found that men wearing red […]

How to Wear Formal Suspenders – SuspenderStore.com

While suspenders are attractive, practical and interesting accents to any outfit, we think they make an especially dapper addition to tuxedos and other formal attire. A staple in anyone’s closet, dress suspenders are an ideal accessory to wear to upscale events like weddings, proms or business meetings. They come in both clip and button styles, […]

How to Choose the Width of Your Suspenders

Whether buying suspenders for yourself or as a gift (suspenders make great presents!), one of the most common questions we hear is how to choose the right width when shopping for suspenders. With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought you'd appreciate a suspenders width guide offering up some pointers on how to choose the perfect […]

Hot Summer Stylish Suspenders

Memorial Day and summer is almost here, and so are the dazzling summer fashions that come along with it! And for those who enjoy eye-catching suspenders, summer represents a great time to discover new ways to wear your favorite fashion apparel accessories! Summer suspenders are versatile.  Try pairing solid color suspenders with shorts, seersucker suits, […]

Batter Up: Support Your Team with MLB Suspenders

Baseball and suspenders seem to go together like popcorn and cotton candy.  Since both the sport of baseball and fashion trend of men's suspenders both had their origins in the 1800's, one can easily envision early baseball fans or athletes sporting a pair of suspenders. In fact, baseball players did originally wear suspenders, but apparently […]

How to Wear Suspenders at Your Wedding

Getting married? Formal suspenders are a great way to take your wedding style to the next level.  Check out these tips on how to wear suspenders for your wedding. When selecting suspenders for your wedding or any formal occasion, you’ll choose either a hardware clip or a button-on style. Clips work well for contemporary or […]

Women’s Suspenders

Suspenders - a fashion statement not just for men!  Think about it - a woman wearing suspenders adds an instant aura of chic to her look.  Because it is not the norm, adding a pair of suspenders to any woman's outfit injects an element of surprise, thereby capturing people's attention and creating a daring and […]

Lapel Flowers: Great for Prom Season

Prom season has arrived, which means teens across the country are searching far and wide for the latest fashions to dazzle their friends and family members on prom night. Believe it or not, however, one fashion accessory offers a timeless look and feel yet makes a distinct impression during a prom celebration – the lapel […]

Suspenders for Weddings and Proms

Whether it's your wedding or a prom, planning and acquiring just the right attire for your special event is part of the fun!  While women get lots of tips on how to pick the right dress, what to do with their hair and how to accessorize, many men, deprived of this type of information, are […]