How to Customize Suspenders

We often get questions about how to get suspenders customized with a group or company logo or other special look you are seeking.  While we do not currently offer customization services, we've had many customers simply order plain elastic suspenders from us and then take them to a local silk screen printing shop to have them customized.  The Saint Louis Banjo club was so happy with the results that they sent us a picture - they look awesome!
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  1. Phyllis Elder
    Phyllis Elder says:

    I would really like to purchase ‘sports’ suspenders. My husband is such a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and I have not found suspenders with the team logo anywhere. Suggestions?

    • Administrator
      Administrator says:

      Unfortunately, the licensing fees to make suspenders customized to specific sports teams make the idea cost prohibitive. There used to be a company that did them for big name colleges, but they have gotten out of the business for the same reason. On our list for future new products is to create some generic sports themed suspenders, but we have not yet done so. What most folks do is to buy the color suspender that is closest to the team colors – in your case Hunter Green would probably work best. You could then have a logo silk-screened onto the suspender if you can find a silk-screener with the logo available. Wider suspenders work best because they have the most area to work with. Thanks for your question!


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