Why Traditional Styles Never Go Out of Fashion

Fashion trends come and go, but no matter what looks are currently trendy to wear, certain clothing pieces and accessories are always in fashion. Decade after decade, these wardrobe basics have contributed to countless classic fashion styles. They're so common that you may have a few of these items in your closet. The great thing about classic clothes and accessories is that you can always put together a polished look without much effort.

Review this list of classics and feel free to add more of these essentials to your wardrobe to ensure you look good in casual and dressy outfits.

The Classic White Button-down Shirt

In sports terms, this one item ranks as fashion's most valuable player when it comes to style and versatility. Countless outfits feature the white button-down shirt as a foundational piece. You can easily create a casual or professional outfit using this shirt as a classic neutral.

Men: Tuck a white shirt into tailored pants for a polished look.

Women: Pair the shirt with a pencil skirt and blazer for office chic.

The Tailored Suit

A nicely tailored suit signifies elegance and sophistication. Wearing a suit that fits properly can also make you feel confident. Tailored suits are designed for men and women, and you can create several looks with a single suit. Wear the complete suit or pair the suit jacket or pants with other clothing pieces.

Men: Add a crisp square pocket and a classic tie.

Women: Add a statement necklace and your choice of heels.

The Little Black Dress

They should also call this dress the all-occasion black dress because it is versatile for different gatherings and events.

Casual: Pair it with a jean jacket and classic black sneakers.

Dressy: Pair it with classic white pearls or statement earrings.

The Blazer

Simply putting on a blazer can dramatically transform any outfit from ho-hum ordinary to stylish and sophisticated. For a traditional blazer look, choose blazers in solid black, navy blue, tan or tweed. You can also find blazers in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Men: Pair a blazer with a crewneck t-shirt and jeans for casual style.

Women: Pair a blazer with a dress to mix tailored and softer styles.

The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are so popular because just about everyone looks good wearing them. This cozy, warm top is a fall/winter staple, and black and white are the basic must-haves when it comes to versatility. You can expand your outfit options further by getting turtlenecks in a wide variety of colors.

Men: Layer a black or white turtleneck under a blazer or leather jacket.

Women: Pair it with plaid, checkered or herringbone patterned dress pants or skirts for a vibrant, polished look.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are so common that it's easy to forget they've been a fashion staple for decades. While not everyone enjoys wearing jeans, many people do, and those jeans can range from designer chic to faded and distressed in their look.


Suspenders are the ultimate classic clothing accessory. Their main function is to keep pants securely in place, and they're great at that. These days, suspenders are often worn to enhance the fashion appeal of an outfit. Collections include traditional and modern styles.

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