Top 10 Suspenders for Different Occasions

What should I wear today?

This is a familiar question that sometimes pops into your mind when contemplating what outfit to create for different occasions. Whatever you decide to wear, the main goals you want your look to achieve are appropriateness for the occasion and great personal style.

This fashion guide can help you figure out what to wear for five kinds of common occasions that require you to create a variety of unique outfits.

Casual Chic for Brunch

While modern brunch outfits are casual, they aren't so relaxed that you can wear just any old thing. Ideally, you want to look chic and comfortable. Always emphasize that your style and accessories should blend nicely with the entire ensemble.

Look 1: Button-down shirt and Chinos. Pair a white, black or pastel-colored button-down shirt with beige, black or khaki chino pants. Pair white and pastel shirts with neutral-colored suspenders and black shirts with black suspenders.

Look 2: Elevated Jeans. Choose a nice pair of jeans that are not worn out. Pair them with a nice button-down shirt, an elegant top or an nice solid-color sweater. Enhance the look with Herringbone braided leather suspenders and a chic blazer.

A Dash of Romance for Date Night

Romance is on the menu for date night outfits and whether you're going out to dinner and a movie, dinner and dancing, or a concert or play, the emphasis should be on classic sophistication. Stick to neutrals and classic patterns for the most versatility.

His look: Neutral-colored slacks or tailored pants and a dress shirt in a solid color with striped or paisley suspenders. Or go with a striped patterned shirt and solid color suspenders.

Her look: Classy outfits for women can include neutral-colored slacks or skirts paired with a blouse or button-down shirt in a light-colored solid color. Alternatively, you can opt for a floral print top and slender, neutral-colored suspenders.

Elegance for Black Tie Events

Men and women should go for sophisticated, suave formal outfits that make you look and feel like you're going to be walking the red carpet. Take a look at some formal celebrity-style photos for inspiration.

The Elegant Tux Look: If you're attending a black tie affair, your tux will be black, and your shirt will be white. Suspenders are typically made of luxurious materials and the color choices are black or white. If you are not required to wear black, you can choose a tux in any color that looks good on you. Stick with black suspenders.

Business Semi-formal Look: Grey, navy, cream/off-white and tan are excellent color choices for semi-formal suits. Look for solid-color suspenders that complement your suit color.

Professional Looks for Work

Suits always make you look polished and professional at work. The following ideas work for men and women:

Grey Suit: Pair the suit with a white or blue solid-color dress shirt. Choose grey or navy patterned suspenders.

Navy Suit: Pair the suit with a white or red dress shirt. Choose navy or navy/red patterned suspenders.

Semi-Casual Charm

Here's an opportunity to express yourself creatively through fashion. Wear khakis or slacks and pick from a range of dressy tops of any color and pattern.

Suspenders 1: Try fun patterned suspenders such as these.

Suspenders 2: Create a pop of color with suspenders.

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