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Suspenders 101: A Brief History of Suspenders

For many suspenders' admirers, this fashion accessory offers a comfortable way to keep pants from falling down - with or without a belt. And, while suspenders are often taken for granted, plenty of people wonder where they came from. So, when were suspenders invented? Find out by reading this brief history of suspenders. It Started […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Suspenders

Suspenders are a unique wardrobe accessory that offer you an easy way to hold up your pants and expand your fashion creativity. If you are new to the world of suspenders, you probably have a bunch of questions. Since we're the suspenders experts, we're going to devote this entire page to answering the most common […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals at SuspenderStore

What better time to stock up on a brand-new collection of clothing and accessories and get a jump on your holiday shopping than Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Get the absolute best deals on the highest-quality suspenders this holiday season by shopping at SuspenderStore. We're offering huge sitewide discounts on our gigantic stock of men's, […]

The Groomsman Guide: How to Wear a Pocket Square

That discreet pocket that appears at the upper left section of a men's suit jacket is always present, awaiting pocket square possibilities. You have the option of ignoring it, and your suit looks fine without anything in that small pocket. However, if you are a groomsman trying to learn how to wear a pocket square […]

How to Dress Up Jeans: 10 Tips for Men

Casual dressing doesn't get any easier than pulling on a favorite pair of jeans and grabbing a top to go with it. Jeans allow you to quickly create any kind of casual look you desire. But what can you do if you want to wear jeans in professional settings? You'll be happy to learn that […]

What are the Different Types of Tie Knots?

The time always seems to come around when even the most casual of dressers needs to learn how to tie a tie. What usually prompts someone to consider learning this skill is an occasion requiring a suit and tie. It may be an interview or an event such as a wedding. Whatever the reason, we're […]

Groomsmen Outfit Ideas for Every Season

When you're in the midst of planning a wedding, it's inevitable that the topic of groomsmen attire comes up at some point. When it does, you want to have some foolproof groomsmen outfit ideas at the ready for making decisions. Whether you're looking for groomsmen attire for spring, summer, fall or winter in formal or […]

Unique Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Men

The first step for creating a special Valentine's Day with your lover is to decide what activities you're going to be doing. The second step for you, as a guy, is figuring out what to wear on this romantic occasion. To help you out with the latter, we're giving you some Valentine's Day outfit ideas […]