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Are Suspenders the Same Thing as Shirt Braces?

Are Suspenders the Same Thing as Shirt Braces? Suspenders are fairly well-known in the U.S. as a stylish accessory that attaches to the pants and goes over each shoulder. But if you’ve heard some pairs of suspenders referred to as braces, you may be confused; aren’t they actually the same thing? If you’ve ever wondered […]

Tool Belt Suspenders Help with Heavy-Duty Jobs

Tool Belt Suspenders Help with Heavy-Duty Jobs Keeping your tool belt secure is a must for any construction worker, mechanic or other tradesman who commonly works with tools. Even homeowners who like to try their hand at DIY projects want to make sure their tool belt is securely in place at all times. In these […]

Fourth of July Suspenders – SuspenderStore

Independence Day is the perfect time to express how much you love this free and great country. Most of us display the American flag on our homes for the holiday, but when you go to all those picnics, parades and fireworks displays, it can be difficult to carry a flag everywhere. Why not wear your […]

Show Your Pride with Our Flag Suspenders

Show Your Pride with Our Flag Suspenders         If you want to show off your pride in your country, you don’t have a wave a flag over your head. Instead, wear a stylish accessory like flag suspenders to give off a patriotic vibe wherever you go. Whether you save these stylish suspenders for special occasions or […]

Tuxedo Suspenders or a Cummerbund – SuspenderStore

The time for putting together your formal outfit for a wedding or special occasion has arrived, and you’re faced with common questions. Should you wear a tuxedo with suspenders and a cummerbund, or choose only a cummerbund? Or, should you settle for suspenders alone? The quick answer is that it depends on how formal you […]

Creative Groomsmen outfit ideas with Suspenders

A lot of fuss is made over bridesmaid dresses, but groomsmen also deserve to look sharp for your wedding. Your wedding theme plays an important role when it comes to deciding what these supporting dudes wear, and suspenders are key to pulling off the ultimate groomsmen look. The neat thing about suspenders is that they […]

Memorial Day Suspenders

Memorial Day has several meanings. For the entire country, it’s a day to reflect on the heroism and sacrifices of brave soldiers and military veterans. For people making plans for picnics and fun outings, it’s also a time to enjoy hanging out with family and friends. If you’re a fan of wearing suspenders, there are […]