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Does Wearing Suspenders Cause Shoulder Pain?

Suspenders and shoulders go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—it’s hard to imagine enjoying one element without the other being involved. Suspenders are designed to slip over both shoulders and then be attached to bottoms via clips or buttons. So, when you feel pain in your shoulder, it may be a natural reaction […]

How Tight Should You Wear Your Suspenders? Our Answer

Men, women and children enjoy wearing suspenders and it’s not uncommon for new suspender wearers to wonder how tight do suspender straps need to be to feel comfortable. The answer is…it depends on various factors. Too Tight or Just Right? The first indication that suspenders are too tight is when you feel constricted in the […]

When Is It Appropriate to Wear Novelty Suspenders?

Suspenders come in a wide range of colors and patterns but there’s one category that stands out like a bright, blinking neon light — novelty suspenders. What’s great about this style is that they can help you make a fun fashion statement with a common clothing accessory. And, unlike a T-shirt, they can be slipped […]

Choosing the Right Suspenders to Wear with a Suit

Wearing suspenders with a suit can be a very gratifying experience when you’re seeking ways to up your fashion style. For decades, men and women have enjoyed wearing this popular accessory with a wide range of suit styles and colors, but pulling the look off does require some careful thought when it comes to choosing […]

Going Casual: How to Wear Suspenders with Jeans

Fashion trends come and go, but some fashion stand-by looks seem to never go out of style. Take the suspenders and jeans pairing, for instance. This is a look that’s been around for over 100 years, and it’s still going strong. So, if you’re seeking ways to expand your casual outfits and you’re curious about […]

How to Pick the Best Christmas Holiday Suspenders

Have you decided to wear suspenders over the holiday season? Great. The season of good cheer is certainly one of the best times of year to enjoy wearing this traditional outfit accessory. Whether you’re male or female, you can put together a great look with suspenders. There are some things to consider, however, as you […]

What Color Suspenders Should I Wear to Look My Best?

Suspenders offer a lot of versatility when you’re looking for clothing accessories that enhance your outfits. However, just because you can find them in a rainbow of colors, doesn’t mean every color is a good choice. Learn more about color combinations, so that you can better match your suspenders with shirts and bottoms in your […]