Why You Want to Wear Suspenders to Your Wedding

Planning for a wedding is hard work!  Where should you get married?  What can you do to make the day extra special and memorable?  Wearing suspenders can be a great way to add a unique touch to your day.  When you’re done choosing your spouse, we think choosing some suspenders should be your next stop.

Why subscribe to some dated ideal about what people should wear at weddings?  If you decide to think outside of the box, you’ll quickly see that you don’t have to. Every year, more and more couples decide to explore how they really want to express themselves on their wedding day.  Picking a unique venue is one way to make a statement about who you are.  Another way is to consider your attire options. The alternatives are endless and limited only by your creativity.  More and more folks are choosing options that speak to them - electing fun, off-beat venues or unique ways of dressing.  Simply adding suspenders into the mix can make a fun fashion statement and insert a dash of flair into your wedding day.

A pair of wedding suspenders is sure to dazzle your guests.  Whether you are a traditionalist or boldly unconventional, there's a suspender for your wedding that will  express your personal style.   Favorite suspender choices for the conservative minded include our gorgeous french satin suspenders as well as our new line of 1 1/4 inch Y-back clip suspenders.  In terms of color, black is always a staple, but you can also choose solid colored suspenders to match your suit or tuxedo. Or, choose a suspender color that matches the bridesmaid dresses and you’ll look like a fashion superstar!

Looking for something to make an even bolder statement?  Choose one of our novelty

This wedding party chose to wear our Dino suspenders because the reception was at a Museum of Natural History. What could you do with suspenders to help make your day unique and memorable?

suspenders that has something to do with your career, hobby, interests, time of year or venue - the possibilities are almost endless! If you are Irish and getting married in mid-March - why not try a pair of our Shamrock or Celtic Scroll suspenders (and while you're at - get some Irish step dancers to do a few jigs). Or, if you love to fish, sport one of our fishing themed suspenders. In the Armed Forces? We have Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines suspenders. Want to have a square dance? Choose some of our Western Leather suspenders to complement your theme.

Best of all, adding suspenders to your special day will not break the wedding budget. Most of the suspenders mentioned above cost between $14.95 - $39.95 - not much for adding your own personal touch in such a fun and fashionable way. Of course, if you want to splurge, we'd got you covered there too. Check out our beautiful Limited Edition suspenders for a truly exquisite way to express yourself.

So...go ahead! Flaunt tradition and dare to make a fashion statement. You'll always remember it and will be glad you did!

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  1. john h sultage jr
    john h sultage jr says:

    please send me information on your most rugged suspenders for hard work . Only ones that
    fasten through the belt and will not stretch out of shape and your pants ride down. Thank-You.

    • Administrator
      Administrator says:

      Hope you weren’t in a hurry for those suspenders! The best way to reach us is by phone – 800-393-4508 – or by email – info@suspenderstore.com. During normal business hours – Monday through Friday 9-5 EST, we answer the phones and respond to emails promptly. We are not so good yet at reviewing blog posts. Sorry about that. If you are still interested. Sounds like you are interested in the Belt Loop attachments – we carry these in 4 sizes and 4 colors. Thanks for your interest.


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