5 Tips for Wearing Suspenders to a Winter Wedding

’Tis the season for winter weddings, and while brides-to-be often choose June or October to celebrate their special day, nothing beats an elegant evening affair surrounded by crisp, cool air and, if you’re lucky, freshly fallen snow. With all of the layers required to stay warm, you’d think dressing for a cold-weather wedding might get complicated, but we have a few suggestions to keep you comfortable and looking great for your big night out.

If the wedding is a black-tie event, the only decision you need to make is what color tuxedo to wear: black or grey. While black is the gold standard of men’s evening wear, grey tuxes, as well as business suits, have become quite popular in the last few years and are just as appropriate.

Now if the wedding isn’t black tie, you have many more options to choose from. Depending on the dress code, you can wear just about any type of suit, from a dapper houndstooth to a classic wool tweed or a timeless cashmere. In addition to your choice of fabric, you decide which pattern to wear, whether you’re looking for a standard solid color or an eye-catching plaid.

When choosing your winter colors, stick with the cooler tones like steel greys and slate blues. A dark suit always looks nice with a contrasting icy blue shirt and tie, as well as blue or gray suspenders. If you’re in the market for a new suit, consider buying a cooler tone for the winter season.

Below are five essential tips on how to wear suspenders to a winter wedding.

·         While clip suspenders are easier to wear, a pair of formal button suspenders is more suitable for a wedding.

·         When choosing a style, look at the variety of dress suspenders available and choose one that works for you.

·         You have your choice of fabrics, from silk and leather to grosgrain and oxford.

·         Don’t be afraid to wear a pattern. Paisley and barathea suspenders always look good at formal events.

·         While we know you want to look your best, make sure your suspenders fit correctly. You want to look good and feel good.

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