Bow Ties & Suspender Sets for Family Holiday Photos

Creating a Pinterest-worthy holiday photo isn’t as hard as you might think. To get coordinating outfits that look stylish and chic, just order suspenders or bow ties for the whole family. These cheery accents can add a timeless look to your annual family photo. Check out some of these inspired ideas for a memorable holiday photo to cap off another great year. A Style for Everyone

When your whole family is going to be featured in your holiday photo, it’s important to find something that can work for all ages and sizes. That’s why suspenders and bow ties are such a great option for this photo op. You can easily find men’s, women’s and kids’ suspenders and bow ties in a range of adjustable sizes so that everyone can get their perfect fit.

Having a variety of holiday suspender and bow ties on hand can also be a great way to spice up your holiday party. Consider hanging a cute photo backdrop and having your suspenders and bow ties available along with other props so guests can snap pictures to remember the event.

Colorful Coordination

Rather than wearing matchy-matchy outfits, have your family don coordinating suspenders or bow ties to achieve a unified look. This allows everyone to wear what they like while still having the group look coordinated for the photo. Choose one color of suspenders or bow ties for everyone, or go with complementary colors to create a theme. Print bow ties are especially stylish, or you can go with solid color bow tie and suspender sets for the whole family.

Another option is to choose the same color for everyone, but allow each family member to choose whether they want to wear suspenders or bow ties. Again, this gives each individual the chance to express their personal style without having anyone look out of place in the photo.

Make this year’s holiday family picture especially stylish by having everyone wear bow ties or suspenders for the photo shoot. It’s an easy and affordable to coordinate for this keepsake photo.

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