Bring Suspenders Back to School with You

Suspenders aren’t just for men in suits anymore. In the nearly 200 years since they were invented, suspenders have evolved into a wardrobe accessory that anyone can wear — and they’ve become especially popular among today’s youth. Even celebrities like a midriff-baring Miley Cyrus have been spotted wearing suspenders on the red carpet. Want to rock this fashion accessory like Miley? SuspenderStore’s selection makes it easy to create a stylish ensemble no matter the time or place. Whether your personal style is prim and proper or punk rock, we’ll help you find the perfect pair of suspenders to bring back to school with you this fall. Here’s the Skinny

High school and college students will look old-school cool in our skinny suspenders, which measure no more than an inch wide. For a stylish-yet-understated look, choose a solid color like black, gray or navy blue. If you want to have a little more fun, opt for a print or pattern.

You’ll make an especially attention-grabbing debut on your first day with a wild and crazy animal print or zigzag pattern. Channel the ‘80s with our skinny neon suspenders, available in bright highlighter hues like pink or yellow. Pair any of our skinny suspenders with your favorite jeans for a trendy, edgy look.

Need something more formal? Check out our ¾-inch-wide satin suspenders. These offer a retro-inspired look of true sophistication and are perfect for complementing private school uniforms. Kids Only Dressing your little one for the new school year? You’ll soon realize that there’s nothing cuter than a kid in suspenders. From infants to toddlers and grade-schoolers, we have the perfect size and style for your needs. SuspenderStore’s kids’ suspenders are constructed with the same care and quality as our adult-sized suspenders. Best of all, they’re washable to make maintenance a breeze, and the convenient clip attachments make them easy to put on. No matter what your child’s interest, we have a suspender style they’ll love. Our children’s suspenders come in 15 solid colors and an endless number of youthful patterns and prints. Let your child embrace his or her stylish side with glitter suspenders or dinosaurs. Our novelty suspenders come in everything from rainbow stripes to animal cartoons to holiday themes. So, what are you waiting for? Order a shiny new pair of suspenders and get excited for the new school year!
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