Does Wearing Suspenders Cause Shoulder Pain?

Suspenders and shoulders go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich—it’s hard to imagine enjoying one element without the other being involved. Suspenders are designed to slip over both shoulders and then be attached to bottoms via clips or buttons. So, when you feel pain in your shoulder, it may be a natural reaction to assume your suspenders have something to do with it. However, suspenders may or may not be the cause of your discomfort. If they are, there’s an easy fix for this problem.

Suspenders Are Usually Comfortable

Countless individuals of all ages wear suspenders, and some people like them so much they wear them every day. For this reason, quality suspenders are designed to be comfortable and durable. To achieve this goal, manufacturers create many different sizes to accommodate most physiques. Additionally, a wide range of suspenders are made with elastic material that stretches when you move, making them comfortable to wear day and night for most people. If suspenders weren’t comfortable, they’d quickly fade away into the dustbin of fashion history. Yet, no pair of suspenders is perfect, and some people may find that their suspenders are bothering one or both shoulders.

They May be Too Tight

Suspenders worn too tightly may cause pain in the shoulder area, depending on the person and strap adjustments. For instance, if straps are pulled too small, they can restrict upper shoulder muscles, causing discomfort in some people. Resolve this issue by loosening the straps through the adjusters. If adjusting the straps doesn’t work, there may be a sizing issue.

It’s a myth that suspenders are one-size-fits-all accessories. The reality is that suspenders come in different sizes for kids and adults and choosing a size too small to wear comfortably may cause physical discomfort. Basically, suspenders won’t stretch beyond their stated size, but you can make them smaller to accommodate shorter heights. Never attempt to squeeze into a pair of suspenders designed for someone much shorter than you. Always pay attention to sizing charts and use measurements to make your best sizing guestimate.

Consider Other Causes

Instead of causing the pain, suspenders may be aggravating an existing shoulder problem. Take a moment to consider there may be a physical problem with the shoulder that is just now coming to light. Many joints are involved in helping your shoulder function normally. Common issues that can lead to shoulder pain include muscle weakness, tendinitis, tension in the neck or upper back and a condition called frozen shoulder. If you suspect there might be a physical reason for your pain, consult with your doctor about the type of pain you’re experiencing.

Try Softer Styles

If you still wish to wear suspenders, but wary about their comfort, you can always opt for styles that use soft fabrics such as satin or silk. The smooth surface texture of these styles makes them a high-quality option suitable for business attire and special occasions.

For everyday wear, you can also go with undergarment suspenders. This style is designed to be worn underneath a shirt, and they won’t be seen by anyone else. They also happen to be extremely comfortable and lightweight, and there’s no heavy elastic material bearing down on your shoulder. As long as you’re okay with not tucking in your shirt, choose undergarment styles for all activities.

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