Punk Inspired Suspenders - Musical Suspenders

Get Musical with Music-Themed Suspenders

Get Musical with Music-Themed Suspenders It doesn't matter if you're a garage rocker or a bonafide maestro, a pair of music suspenders can be easily integrated into your wardrobe for a big pop of personality. You can add musical suspenders to your daily look, especially if you're a performer or music teacher, or use them as an extra-special performance accessory for good luck. Here are a few ways you can accessories with musical suspenders! Piano Key Suspenders - Musical Suspenders
  • Piano Key Suspenders - Everyone will know what instrument you play when you pick out a pair of super-cool piano key suspenders that celebrate the 38 black keys and the 52 ivories. The best part is, piano suspenders are, naturally, black and white, so they go with just about anything. They also make an amazing gift for the well-dressed pianist on your list. If you prefer another instrument, consider grabbing a pair of suspenders with saxophones, guitars or French horns.
  • Music Note Suspenders - If you love all genres and instruments, you simply can't go wrong with a pair of simple black and white music note suspenders. These great-looking accessories are peppered with half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes in stylish black and white, so they match almost anything.
Punk Inspired Suspenders - Musical Suspenders
  • Punk-Inspired Suspenders - Punk rockers have always made suspenders look super-cool. From trendy steampunk styles with a signature porkpie hat to down-and-dirty black leather suspenders with studs, this accessory is always a favorite among rockers. Take your Brit-punk look to the next level with British flag suspenders, or keep it cutting-edge with skull and crossbone suspenders. Mohawk optional, but highly recommended.
  • Country-Western Suspenders - Prefer your music a little more down-home? Country singers aren't strangers to the suspender, either. Pair your cowboy or cowgirl hat with a pair of hand-crafted leather Western suspenders featuring intricate leatherwork. These country suspenders would look right at home at the honky-tonk!
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