The Classic Nerd - Halloween Costume Suspenders

Halloween Costumes that Go Great with Suspenders

Halloween Costumes with Suspenders Maybe you've got a pair lying around or just totally fancy their unique yet classic look. Whatever the reason, suspenders make an amazing Halloween costume accessory. Besides what's listed here, you can add suspenders to almost any Halloween costume: clowns, sailors, devils, mimes, Minions, cats and firefighters look smashing with suspenders! The Classic Nerd - Halloween Costume Suspenders
  • The Classic Nerd - The most obvious choice for the suspender costume is a stereotypical nerd. All you need is a pair of solid-colored clip-on suspenders, some taped-up glasses and a pocket protector. It doesn't matter if you're more of an Urkel or a Screech, you've gotta have a pair of suspenders.
  • Mario and Luigi - Looking for a fun best friends' costume with suspenders? Mario and Luigi - the world's most heroic video game plumbers - wouldn't be complete without some suspenders. Complete a DIY Mario and Luigi costume with solid blue suspenders (maybe glittery ones, for extra effect), a red shirt for Mario and a green shirt for Luigi. Mario time!
  • German Beer-Drinker - Oktoberfest has past, but it doesn't mean you can't grab a few beer steins and go as a classic German beer maid or guy. You just need a pair of solid red or brown suspenders and a dirndl or some lederhosen and you're all set.  
German Beer Drinker - Halloween Costumer Suspenders
  • Gangster Gal or Guy - Grab a fedora, a zoot suit and your prop weapon of choice and you've got yourself a classic gangster costume straight out of the roaring '20s. Any good era-authentic gangster should have a pair of matching suspenders, too! Take it to the next level with some dollar bill suspenders that add to the gangster look.
Gangster - Halloween Costume Suspenders
  • Lumberjack or Lumberjane - Plaid's in, that much we know. If you're looking for an awesome way to wear a super-cozy flannel during trick-or-treating or a night on the town, then it's gotta be a lumberjack costume! Style your favorite black and red checked button-up with some solid black suspenders and boots for the perfect look.
  • Edward Scissorhands - The DIY Edward Scissorhands costume is a popular pick for anyone who wants to experiment a bit with costume makeup. Depp's washed-out look can be easily achieved with some white makeup, teased hair or a wig. Get the look from the scene where he prunes the garden with a white button-up shirt and solid black suspenders.
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