Have You Tried These Cool Ideas for Suspenders?

Fashion is constantly evolving and so are ideas for wearing accessories such as suspenders. Perhaps you’re ready to branch out a bit and try some new ways for wearing your collection of suspenders. If so, you’re in luck because The Suspender Store is here to help you with some fresh fashion combinations.

Bold, Fun Stripes

Do you typically shy away from striped tops because your think they’re played out? Or, perhaps you feel stripes look too loud? Or, maybe you like stripes but you’re just not sure how to pull them off with confidence. Well, we know one way you can make stripes work with suspenders and feel like you’re right on-trend. Go with black and white stripes, instead of other colors. This timeless color combination produces a bold, yet classic look that you can have fun with. Choose solid black or white suspenders for easy accessorizing.

Fair warning. Stay away from large striped patterns, which can be too overpowering for suspenders. Instead, choose thin black and white stripe patterns that are flattering. Ladies, you can look chic in a black and white horizontal striped short-sleeve top, solid white, ivory or black skinny suspenders, dark denim blue or black jeans and red leather lace-up shoes or loafers. Enhance this look with a black fedora hat and red bag.

Men and women can enjoy wearing a classy vertically-striped black and white button-down shirt paired with skinny black suspenders and black jeans. Want to really stand out? Wear vintage style black and white saddle shoes and/or a black fedora.

Jazz Up Those Shorts and Skirts

An easy way to give your shorts and skirts more visual oomph is to slip on a quality pair of suspenders. This gives you one more way to jazz up your casual and work outfits. Look preppy and casual in a pair of dark jeans shorts with solid color or striped navy suspenders with a crisp, white, short-sleeve shirt, short blue socks and black or brown oxford shoes.

For fun, create a grownup “school girl” look with a plaid skirt, solid color suspenders that match one color in the skirt, a white or ivory blouse, button-down sweater, beret and stockings.

Suspenders can also liven-up summer or autumn skirt styles that fall just below the knee or those long A-line skirts with and without slits.

Cool Blue

Blue is a laid-back serene color and most people look good in various shades of blue. Wearing suspenders with blue shirts is quite common, but you can freshen this look up a couple of ways. Achieve a cool, summery look by pairing a light blue short-sleeve shirt with high-waisted white pants and tan suspenders (leather ends are a big plus).

Make a laid-back casual fashion statement in a grey t-shirt paired with dark blue jeans and dark blue suspenders. Level up by tying a blue bandana around your neck (place the knotted side in the front).

Casual with a Touch of Fancy

Create a wearable canvas showcase for colorful suspenders featuring beautiful patterns by paring them with a white t-shirt and white casual pants (jeans or slacks). This is a nice idea for suspenders with argyle, paisley, plaid, striped and geometric patterns. Footwear can be any pair of fashionable flat shoes in white, beige or tan. If you feel like it, accessorize with a plain straw hat or a beige or tan fedora.

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