Versatile Elastic Suspenders

How to Choose the Best Suspender Material

Picking the Suspender Material Best for You There are a lot of different suspender materials out there to choose from. With so many options, it can be confusing for someone unfamiliar with the differences in fabrics and design to decide which one is right for them. At SuspenderStore, we’ve worked with nearly every material imaginable, and we know how each one responds to different situations. Read on to learn about the major suspender fabrics and see which one could be the best choice for your wardrobe. Elastic Suspenders Versatile Elastic Suspenders Elastic suspenders are considered the most versatile suspender material available and are a popular all-around choice. Their inherent stretchiness means they fit more people with greater ease, and they are often a lower cost option than specialty suspenders. Generally speaking, solid color elastic suspenders are a wise choice for anyone who needs good casual everyday suspenders, especially if they are on a budget. There are a number of variations within this category as well, such as undergarment suspenders and most novelty suspenders. Polypropylene Suspenders Many of our work suspenders are made from polypropylene, a rugged synthetic plastic used in everything from packaging to audio speakers. Polypropylene suspenders are ideal for loggers, construction workers, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and other blue collar workers. Since the heavy-duty material does not stretch or soak up moisture, you can wear heavy pants and tool belts without worrying about them sagging. Polypropylene is relatively inexpensive, meaning you’ll still have money left over for tools! Leather Suspenders Durable Leather Suspenders Suspenders made from leather are another durable, low-stretch option for people who want their apparel to be sturdy yet comfortable. Many people who wear leather suspenders do so to evoke a rustic look. The right pair of brown or tan leather suspenders gives off a classic Western or country-Western aura. Many motorcycle riders wear leather suspenders as well, as a set of black leather suspenders blends right in with a leather riding jacket. If you are preparing for formal gatherings, wide leather suspenders will add extra elegance and class. Silk & Horsehair Suspenders These suspenders are for men and women who know luxury and are willing to pay for it. Silk suspenders are incredibly soft and colorful while providing the formal look you need for work, banquets and other important occasions. Their bold colors mean they function similar to ties as a fashion accessory. Hand-braided horsehair suspenders have the same soft feel but with a thicker, more durable construction and a more down-home vibe. Dress Suspenders Grosgrain suspenders, Oxford cloth suspenders and jacquard suspenders are commonly grouped under the term “dress suspenders”. As the name implies, these woven suspenders are best for use with business suits, sport coats and other more sophisticated attire, though they can be used to jazz up casual wear as well. The materials used for these suspenders are less expensive than silk or horsehair, making them a viable option for people who want to look classy without spending as much money. Final Thoughts Which suspender material you ultimately choose primarily depends on two factors: what you’ll be wearing them for, and what your fashion budget is. With so many options to choose from, we’re confident any discerning suspender-wearer can find something that gets the job done for both function and style. Shop at SuspenderStore for all sorts of casual and formal suspenders that will leave you smiling!  
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