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How to Dress for a Job Interview

Dressing For a Job Interview – Suspender Professional Styles You have a job interview scheduled. Congrats! That’s an exciting step in taking your career to the next level. But now comes the concern over what to wear. Making a good first impression is key for interview success, and the right professional attire can signal whether or not you’d fit into a certain workplace. If you’re feeling like your current business clothes are a bit lacking, suspender professional styles may be just what you need to take your look up a notch. Learn more about what makes suspenders such an elegant accessory to wear to a job interview. upscale suspenders for interview Upscale Suspenders Styles One of the keys to improving your professional attire with suspenders is choosing the right styles. As you can probably imagine, bright, colorful suspenders or those with wacky patterns won’t make the best first impression. That’s why you can’t go wrong with suspenders made from high-quality materials like jacquard, satin, grosgrain, silk or leather. These lovely materials will add a polished and elegant accent to your outfit. You’ll also want to choose solid colors, though subdued patterns like plaid, pinstripes, argyle and paisley are also acceptable for office environments. professional suspenders Professional Suspender Details Choosing something sophisticated for the office extends beyond the fabric and the color. You’ll also want high-quality suspenders that lend a professional look to your outfit. In most cases, a Y-back style is considered more professional than an X-back style, though if you plan to wear your suspenders with a suit jacket, the back style will not be an issue. However, you should also consider the attachment for the suspenders. Again, suspenders with buttons are slightly more sophisticated than clips. If you’d like to be able to wear the suspenders you choose with other pants that are not button-compatible after the interview, choose convertible suspenders which feature both types of attachments. Best of luck on your job interview! When sporting your stylish new suspenders, you’ll enjoy an extra boost of confidence as you discuss your career opportunities.
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