How to Pick the Best Christmas Holiday Suspenders

Have you decided to wear suspenders over the holiday season? Great. The season of good cheer is certainly one of the best times of year to enjoy wearing this traditional outfit accessory. Whether you’re male or female, you can put together a great look with suspenders. There are some things to consider, however, as you check out various fashion options.

Go for Quality

Picking out one or more pairs of holiday suspenders should be approached the same way you choose other types of clothing accessories. Quality should always be taken into account when choosing this type of accessory because a good quality suspender offers superior durability and fit. Buying suspenders from a trusted source ensures you can enjoy wearing your selections year after year, without worrying about flimsiness.

Quality materials are used from top to bottom, and your suspenders should hold up well under normal use. When you move around, your suspenders should remain in place, at least until you adjust them for a better fit. Also, colors and patterns remain rich and vibrant, and fabric doesn’t fray at the ends.

Clip vs. Button Styles

As you look at various suspender styles, you can see that some come with button ends crafted of leather, and others have metal clips. Both styles are desirable, but clip suspenders tend to offer more variety when it comes to fun holiday patterns and colors. Basically, the main difference between the two is how the suspenders attach to pants. With button end styles, you secure the ends to buttons sewn into the pants. Clip styles are the easiest to wear because buttons aren’t required. Simply open the clip, position it on top of the pants and allow the clip to close securely.

The one drawback to clip suspenders is that they might set off metal detectors in airports. But, this is resolved by packing suspenders while traveling, and putting them on before going to holiday events.

Classic Red and Green

The two colors most associated with Christmas are red and green, and you can easily find suspenders in these popular colors. Red suspenders pop with fiery vibrancy and they look great when paired with a classic white button-down shirt or you can go for a more casual white long-sleeve T-shirt. Green is more of an earthy color, and it brings to mind the natural beauty of wintry pine trees, mistletoe and green wreaths. White is also the best shirt color for solid medium and dark green hues.

Cheerful and Fun Patterns

Suspenders come in fun holiday patterns that reflect the warmth and upbeat vibe of the season. Thus, you can often find them in patterns that feature images such as Christmas trees, holiday decorations and, of course, Santa Clause. In fact, if you’re playing the role of Santa in any capacity, a pair of Santa themed suspenders adds an extra bit of pizzazz to your Santa suit. But you don’t have to pretend to be Santa to enjoy cheery holiday pattern styles, they’re a blast to wear to holiday gatherings and parties.

Religious Themes

The holidays are also a time for religious celebration and reflection, and you can find suspenders with various Christian themes. These are fun to wear to the annual church holiday play or choir recital. Suspenders featuring the Star of David are also a fashionable way to accessorize your outfit for Hanukkah celebrations.

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