Seasonal Dressing: Top Five Suspenders for Fall/Winter

The arrival of the fall and winter season brings a shift in how you can approach wearing suspenders. Along with a change of temperature and scenery comes a desire to keep warm, which means you may find yourself wearing layers of clothing. It’s also an opportunity to find various ways to blend suspenders in with a range of clothing textures and patterns, helping you keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting. There are five top suspender styles that offer you the most options for fashion accessory versatility.


Leather suspenders are an earthy fashion accessory that can be worn with a wide range of fall and winter fashions. Because leather suspenders tend to be associated with casual wear, choosing them adds a laid-back vibe to outfits. Because leather has a natural warmth, and a bit of thickness, this style looks cool when you wear them with a dark-colored patterned shirt, layering both pieces with a matching dark-colored solid shirt or jacket. Consider pairing navy, dark brown or black tops and suspenders with khaki pants in shades ranging from beige to tan.

Oxford Cloth

If you’re looking for suspenders with that “dress for success” look, oxford cloth suspenders are a good choice. They have a basket weave textured finish that appeals to those who often wear traditional business suits and those who wear sporty casual outfits. The standard 1.5-inch width give them a commanding presence when worn without a jacket or sports coat. These make great go-to suspenders for all suit styles. Create a confident, successful professional look by pairing black, navy or red suspenders with a crisp button-down solid white, solid blue or blue stripe dress shirt with a solid or patterned red tie.

The Sweater Suspender

Can you wear suspenders with sweaters? You sure can, and in case you’re wondering, yes, you can wear them outside the sweater. In fact, you can have fun pairing different suspender styles (fabric, leather, width, color) with your sweater collection. This pairing works best when the suspenders are in a color that offers a nice contrast to the sweater color. For instance, you can wear black suspenders over an ivory, oatmeal or light grey sweater with or without a button-down shirt underneath. A black jacket gives this look added polish, regardless if you decide to go with slacks or jeans as bottoms.

Alternatively, dark red suspenders pop against a yellow sweater paired with a white shirt and dark tie. On casual days, women can opt for a form-fitting sweater in red, purple or blue, skinny or standard black suspenders and black jeans or slacks.


The lack of outdoor sunshine doesn’t have to dampen your enthusiasm for putting together fun outfits. One of the ways you can spice up your seasonal wardrobe is to accessorize your look with glitter suspenders. These are crafted of glittery fabric and provide just the right touch of dazzle for a favorite black or white long-sleeve shirt or sweater. They create quite an impression when worn with formal suits at galas and winter weddings.

Novelty Holiday

Tis the season to have fun during the holidays, and it’s also a wonderful time to show off your holiday theme novelty suspenders at festive gatherings and parties. Popular print themes include pumpkins, turkeys, decorative trees and red hearts. Pair themed suspenders with solid color tops so they get all the attention they deserve.

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