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Suspenders Button vs. Clip On

Suspenders add a polished, put-together look to both formal and casual clothes. Not only are suspenders fashionable, but they also offer the security of keeping pants pulled up without the cinching discomfort of a belt — especially on trousers that lack belt loops!

Whether fashion or function drives your decision to go for suspenders, button vs. clip-on becomes your next choice. Which style of suspender attachment is right for you? There are excellent arguments on both sides of the debate, making it a tough choice. The experts at SuspenderStore help you see how all the options stack up so that you can choose for yourself between clip-on suspenders vs. button suspenders.

Buttoned Up

Button-on suspenders have been around a long time. In the 19th century, suspenders were part of men’s undergarments, so buttons sewn inside trousers helped keep them discreet. Today, the extra “moustache” attachment at the ends of button-on suspenders adds a visibly stylish touch to both casual and dressier outfits.

Patterned Suspenders - Suspenders Store

The look of button-on suspenders is classic, almost nostalgic. Buttons have an authenticity that brings an old-school vibe to both traditional business suits and hipster fashion, making them perfect for anyone with confidence in their own style. Plus, button-on suspenders offer the security of staying in place no matter how much bending, stretching or lifting you do.

While sewing buttons on your trousers may seem daunting, the experts at SuspenderStore are here to help with tips and instructions for getting the job done easily and quickly. And if you love the look of button-on suspenders like we do, but you can’t commit to threading a needle, we’ve got the perfect solution: No-Sew Buttons that come in both permanent and movable options! Now that’s a buttoned-up solution.

 A Good Clip

The first U.S. patent for metal suspender clips dates back to 1894. That means the debate between clip-on suspenders vs. button suspenders has been raging for well over a century. The obvious advantage of clip-on suspenders over their buttoned-up brothers is convenience. With no need to place and sew buttons, clip-on suspenders work with any pants, anytime, anywhere.

The choice to go with clip-on suspenders isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. At SuspenderStore, we carry a variety of clip types to accommodate both style and function.

Finger clips in brass or nickel are the dressiest clip-on option, made even classier with the addition of a leather attachment called a drop clip that closely mimics the leather moustaches of button-on suspenders.

For extra security, our alligator clips feature sharp “teeth” that pierce trouser fabric for a firm hold but won’t leave holes or tear the fabric. We’ve even included airport-friendly suspenders as a plastic option that gets you through security with your pants up and your dignity intact.

Convertible Options

Still can’t decide which side of the button vs. clip debate you land on? No worries! We understand that life is complicated, so the collection at SuspenderStore includes some very clever ways of keeping all your options on the table.

Our convertible clip/button end suspenders let you change up your look at a moment’s notice. Button your suspenders onto your trousers for that cocktail party or wedding, then swap those moustache ends for a clip to complement your jeans or khakis on a casual date. These high-quality convertible suspenders have a snap-open end that accommodates the included button ends and clip ends for maximum versatility.

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