The Top 3 Most Recognizable Suspender Wearers in Popular Culture

It’s bird! It’s a plane! It’s the top three most recognizable suspender-wearers in popular culture!

Countless actors, politicians and generally well-liked people have donned suspenders since they were first invented in 1822.  We personally believe nobody has ever disliked anyone who wore suspenders!  Since then, much has changed, but this clothing accessory has remained a constant. That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate this list to this exclusive bunch of suspender-wearers.  So here are our top three:

1.  When Larry King retired on December 16, 2010, one of the most famous wearers of suspenders removed himself from the cultural spotlight. Suspenders were King's trademark accessory beginning in 1987 when he needed something to hold his pants up after post-heart surgery weight loss.  He often wore red or blue suspenders but claimed to have at least 150 pairs in his wardrobe.  We know that he was once gifted a pair of SuspenderStore's Canadian Maple Leaf suspenders at a speaking engagement in Canada.  He also signed a pair of our camel French Satin suspenders to support the 25TH ANNUAL HOLLYWOOD ARTS COUNCIL CHARLIE AWARDS effort to raise money to support art programs for children.

2.  Did you know that famous actor Humphrey Bogart wore suspenders in many of his popular films?  Perhaps best known for his starring role in Casablanca, Bogart appeared in 75 films in his lifetime.  And while his suspenders might have been less visible than Larry King's due to the fact that he was so often impeccably dressed and wearing a suit coat, we believe his notoriety certainly justifies giving him second place on our Famous Suspender Wearers list.

3.  While you may know King and Bogart, there’s still one more person that made it onto our list of three. And that person is Steve Urkel, who was portrayed by the actor Jaleel White on the television show Family Matters. While Urkel lacked the refinement of a King or Bogart, his suspenders were no less infamous. Unfortunately, Urkel’s nerdy look made suspenders seem especially quirky at the time. But that has changed as of late, as suspenders are once again being absorbed – and embraced – into popular culture.

Of course, the list of famous suspender wearers is much longer than our short list of three.  Others we've recently spotted and you may recognize include Beyonce, Michael Douglas (in Wall Street), Louis from One Direction, Tyra Banks, Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz, Reeve Carney and Ed Westick.  So rest assured, when you choose to wear suspenders, you join an elite and illustrious crowd!

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