The Totally Cool Hipster Suspenders Styling Guide

Dressing like a hipster requires a dash of creativity and a heaping handful of individuality. There are no limits to the ways you can put various wardrobe pieces together to create your unique look. Hipsters are constantly looking for trendy wardrobe items that help achieve a personal style that requires some effort but doesn’t look like it does. If you’re a hipster, you know what we mean. Suspenders are one of those accessory items that are often associated with hipster style, and if you’re open to ideas, we can offer you some tips on incorporating suspenders into your hip look.

Go the Skinny Route

Are you aware that suspenders come in thin widths? That’s right. Suspenders that are between 1/2-inch and 1-inch are referred to as skinny suspenders, and they are super trendy among hipsters. Typified by slender straps cascading down from both shoulders, you can find thin width styles in cool, contemporary colors such as grey, pink and orange and in a range of classic and upbeat patterns. There are even some vintage chic leather styles in this width.

Express Yourself with Patterns

Solid colors are fine, but you don’t have to stick with them every day. Give your outfits more visual appeal by putting on a pair of suspenders featuring a pattern of your choice. Pattern suggestions include argyle, stripes, polka dot, geometric and plaid. With so many options, you can easily mix things up by wearing a pattern one day and a solid color the next. Since patterns are often detailed, we recommend pairing them with solid color tops.

Choose Laidback Leather

Leather suspenders help you create a classic look whether you choose to wear them with a business suit or jeans and a casual top. Brown, black and tan styles are made with leather button-on attachments or metal clips, and they provide a strong hold for pants while complementing whatever outfit pieces you put together. In addition to jeans, leather suspenders work well with slacks and khakis in most colors. Consider layering a patterned shirt over suspenders and a comfortable top or T-shirt or wearing them over a snazzy shirt and sweater combo.

All that Glitters

Lights. Camera. Action. You may feel like a star attraction when wearing a pair of glitter suspenders, and we say bravo! If you’re just now finding out that these exist and you’re excited, good. This style is perfect for anyone who loves jazzing up an outfit with a bit of glam and glitz. Imagine all the ways you can wear glittery silver, gold, royal blue or red suspenders. Yes, they can make you look more fabulous.

Get Playful with Characters

Explore your playful side by wearing suspenders featuring popular licensed characters. These styles are full of fun and whimsy so you can brighten your outfit with various comic book super heroes and classic cartoon and video game icons.

Wearing Bow Ties with Suspenders

It’s common for some hipsters to wear bow ties with suspenders. Looking suave requires wearing a well-fitting button-down shirt. That means no sagging or wrinkling. Because you’re cool, you can get away with captivating color, pattern and material combinations but stay within the realms of trendy good taste.

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