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When to Wear Suspenders – Suspender Styling Guide

You’re never too old or young to wear suspenders. However, you might be wondering which occasions call for this accessory. We’ve put together this SuspenderStore Guide for when to wear suspenders so you know the right moments to add some extra style to your look. Find a few pointers for when it’s appropriate to wear suspenders and which styles are best for the event at hand.

Suspenders at Work

Whether you sit at a desk, drive a truck or work on a construction site, suspenders can add both comfort and style to your work attire. For jobs that involve manual labor, consider wearing heavy-duty work suspenders, which can be paired with tool belts, offer extra support and come in low-stretch or non-stretch materials to prevent sagging. For those who drive a lot on their jobs, side clip suspenders (suspenders that clip on the sides of your pants and not to the back) give you the practicality and look of suspenders without the discomfort of clips pressing into your back while driving or sitting for extended periods of time. If you have an office job, suspenders add a polished look to business attire. Stick to neutral tones like navy, black and khaki or classic patterns like argyle and plaid at work for a more sophisticated look.

Suspenders for Special Events

Suspenders are the perfect accessory when you’re dressing up for a special occasion. You can wear suspenders to any special event, including weddings. In fact, it’s a popular trend for grooms and groomsmen who want a fresh, fashionable look. If you are new to suspenders and want some guidance as to what style to pick for your special day, check out our Wedding Suspender Guide. For black tie events, wear classic white or black suspenders. You can be a bit more playful with your look for other special events by wearing flashy patterned novelty suspenders or brightly colored suspenders.

Casual & Novelty Suspenders

Suspenders aren’t just for dressing up. You can also wear them with casual outfits for a more comfortable pants fit or to add a little extra personality to your look. At SuspenderStore, we offer glitter suspenders, neon suspenders and other fun options for creating unique ensembles or costumes. You can also find themed novelty suspenders for all kinds of holidays and hobbies, including Christmas suspenders, animal suspenders and more. Use these fashion tips for wearing the right suspenders for any occasion.

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