Winter Guide: Top Suspender Styles for 2019

Clothing selection changes with the seasons and so does the choice of suspenders. In the winter of 2019, several styles have made it to the top of our popularity list. For convenience, we’ve included a men’s and women’s top style section. However, since there are no hard-and-fast rules regarding suspenders, anyone can wear any of these styles during the winter season and beyond.

The Suspender Store Winter Style Guide 2019

Top Men’s Winter Suspenders

Build your suspender collection with these versatile styles. With so many suspender patterns and fit designs to choose from, this guide will help you choose only the best for your winter wardrobe.

Solid Color Elastic Y-Back

Get the most out of your suspenders when you go with a reliable classic such as the Y-back elastic suspender in a standard 1.25-inch width. This versatile suspender looks great with a business suit or with a pair of slacks and a shirt. And yes, you can even wear them with jeans. A wide range of colors are available for accentuating any outfit.

Multicolored Grosgrain Striped X-Back

Grosgrain is a traditional weave that makes this traditional striped suspender look impressive. The 1-3/8-inch width, X-back construction and distinctive stripe patterns featuring three colors are good reasons to add it to your collection.

Classic Argyle

The classic argyle patterned suspender brings this familiar winter look to the forefront of your outfit. This timeless pattern provides easy-going style in colors of blue, olive, brown or burgundy.

Top Women’s Winter Suspenders

If you’re wondering about how to style suspenders for women, we’ve brought you only our greatest ideas for winter 2019 style. For general tips, check out our women’s suspenders style video.

Classic Striped Y-Back

Looking for an interesting way to add visual spark to a suit or casual outfit? Suspenders featuring a classic striped pattern can add the right amount of class and provide a pop of color. The clip-on Y-back style is versatile and easily coordinates with black, navy, beige and white.

Chic Animal Print

Animal print suspenders bring the warm and wild into winter. Happily, you can find contemporary suspenders in your favorite animal prints. Choose leopard, tiger or zebra to go with your coordinated white, brown, tan or black tops and accessories.

Classic Plaid

It’s that time of year to wear plaid as much as you want, and plaid suspenders give you another way to enjoy this cozy pattern. In 1-inch width, they look great in colors such as burgundy, beige, grey and red. Pair them with a blouse, button-down shirt, pull-on sweater or T-shirt.

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