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SUIT YOUR STYLE: JACQUARD SUSPENDERS jacquard suspenders- Suspenderstore History One of the most iconic styles of suspenders out there, jacquard suspenders are available today thanks to the hard work of a clever individual. The weaving process that brought us these suspenders was first invented in 1801 by a French inventor named Joseph Marie Jacquard (solves the mystery of the name, right?). Monsieur Jacquard was searching for a way to automate the long and tedious methods by which fine fabrics were produced at the time. This weaving style used a single color of thread that, thanks to the particular and unique process, created a raised and repeating pattern without any need for stamping or switching thread. The result of his efforts was an automated process by which this pattern could be reproduced at a fraction of the cost and time. Thanks, Jacquard! Modern Style Since their beginnings in France in 1801, jacquard suspenders have come a long way. Now you can find them in a myriad of different colors and patterns to suit any style. Want something edgy and unique to set off your flare for fashion? There’s a pattern for that. What about for general office attire at a somewhat conservative company? Jacquard suspenders have the classic lines you’re looking for. How to Pick Suspenders-Suspenderstore Variations Jacquard suspenders are traditionally tone-on-tone, meaning both the background and the pattern coloring are the same or similar. Thanks to advancements in the weaving process, you can find a large variety of jacquard style suspenders. SuspenderStore has them available in everything from a black checkered pattern to vibrant navy diamond burst. Another way these suspenders can vary is by their attachment method. Some jacquard suspenders come with a button attachment method for pants that come equipped with such anchor points. For those whose pants don’t have suspender buttons, there is the ever-convenient clip attachment method. How to Choose Did you know that jacquard suspenders come in three main patterns — damask, floral and geometric? Any idea what makes a diamond burst pattern so special? No worries — we cover that and more in our helpful How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Jacquard Suspenders video.
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