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Can You Wash Suspenders? – Suspenders Care Guide

You take great care to wash your nice clothes or take your suits and dress shirts out for dry cleaning. But when it comes to suspenders, you’re not quite sure what to do. That’s where this care guide will come in handy. Many suspenders might not come with cleaning guidelines or tips, so it’s up to you to figure out how to keep them clean without doing any damage to the materials. Bookmark this page to make sure you always have a simple tutorial for how to wash various types of suspenders.

How to Clean Suspenders with Elastic Materials

how to wash suspenders - Suspender Store

Many types of suspenders are made with elastic to ensure that they offer stretchiness for extra comfort. But unfortunately, rough washing and drying can damage the elasticity of the straps. That’s why you should wash these suspenders by hand whenever possible. If you prefer to use the washing machine, place your suspenders in a mesh laundry bag and run them on the delicate/gentle cycle with cool water and mild detergent.

To dry, always hang your suspenders up and allow them to slowly air dry. Never use the dryer because the heat can harm the materials.

How Clean Suspenders with Non-Elastic Materials

Higher-end suspenders are often made with materials that have little to no elasticity, such as leather, grosgrain, silk and oxford cloth. In most cases, you’ll need to take these suspenders to a dry cleaner in order to get the gentle yet effective cleaning you need.

For small spots, you can try a little cold water with very mild soap, but be aware that this technique does come with the risk of spreading the stain or leaving a water spot.

Caring for Leather Suspenders

Caring for leather suspenders - Suspender Store

Your leather suspenders should only be cleaned by hand or at a dry cleaner. In addition, you may need to apply leather care products such as leather conditioner to keep the suspenders in good shape.

Use these tips to make sure your suspenders stay clean and spotless over the years!

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