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All About Trigger Snap Suspenders

Trigger snap suspenders are one of the easiest and most fashionable ways that you can wear suspenders. They’re effortless to put on and take off, and are a great option for both casual outfits and more formal ensembles. We’ve created this trigger snap suspender guide for anyone who is unfamiliar with this classic suspender attachment method. Keep reading to find out about trigger snap suspender styles and benefits and to find out what kinds of trigger snap suspenders are available from the SuspenderStore. What are Trigger Snap Suspenders? western leather trigger snap suspenders from suspenderstore Traditionally used for western and western leather suspenders, trigger snaps are a method of connecting your suspenders to your pants. They can also be called scissor clips, swivel snaps and swivel clips. The trigger snap hardware is a spring-loaded clip that resembles the hardware that you’d see on the end of a dog’s leash. With scissor clip suspenders, you don’t need suspender loops or any special attachments on your pants. All you need is a normal set of belt loops. Simply attach the three trigger snaps to your corresponding belt loops and you’re ready to go. They’re extremely simple to put on and even easier to remove. All swivel snap suspenders are crafted as Y-back suspenders. This is because almost every pair of belt-looped pants features one single belt loop in the center of the back of the waist. Trigger snap suspenders with a Y-back are much more likely to be compatible with most of your pants than an X-back pair would be. What Styles do Trigger Snap Suspenders Come In? stylish trigger snap suspenders from suspender store For a long time, the SuspenderStore only carried western and western leather suspenders with trigger snap attachments. Per multiple requests from our loyal customers, we’ve recently started carrying regular elastic-style suspenders with trigger snap attachments and plan on adding more colors in the future. The colors we currently carry include neutrals including black, navy blue and tan. Right now, you can choose from a range of rugged and high-quality western trigger snap suspenders in addition to the neutral elastic colors that we offer. If you can’t decide between elastic and leather, opt for a simple western-style set of suspenders such as the rugged comfort western suspenders, which are one of our favorites. The rugged comfort suspenders feature elastic, leather and trigger snaps for the best of all three worlds. Our variety of all leather trigger snap suspenders includes plain brown galluses and black galluses, textured basket weave leather galluses and handcrafted western suspenders. The handcrafted all leather western suspenders are made from premium leather and are hand tooled with different designs. For swivel clip suspenders with different looks, try our Apache western leather suspenders, Mossy Oak camouflage leather suspenders or our genuine horsehair suspenders. Choosing the Perfect Pair You can’t go wrong, no matter which set of trigger snap suspenders you choose. Simply consider your personal style and make your choice from there. Decide whether you’d like to wear your suspenders more casually or with a little bit more formality. Go full western with our cowboy-inspired leather suspenders or choose something more neutral with plain leather suspenders. You can also try our brand new 1.5-inch elastic trigger snap suspenders for a perfect everyday suspender option.
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