Suspenders for Grandpa

Suspenders for National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day – Suspenders for Grandpa Suspenders for Grandpa When many people think of suspenders, they think of them as something that their grandpa wore while telling them stories as kids. And guess what? Grandpas still wear them today – and look as good as ever in them! This September 8, celebrate National Grandparents Day with a new pair of snappy suspenders for your beloved storyteller. We have several tips on finding something Grandpa will love and wear. Classic Suspenders While there are a number of modern and trendy takes on suspenders, for many grandpas, something simple is best. Dark and neutral colors such as black suspenders, brown suspenders and white suspenders are often the best bet, as they go with everything from khakis to plaid. But if grandpa prefers to wear a lot of blues or reds, don’t be afraid to get suspenders that match! Older gentlemen tend to wear wide suspenders that spread out the load on their shoulders, so try to get a pair that’s at least 1.5 inches in width. Classic Suspenders for National Grandparents Day As for choice of material, people in their 50s and up tend to dress more formal and upscale. So a pair of dress suspenders made from striped grosgrain or Jacquard will help them stay classy and age like fine wine. If they love the old West, leather suspenders will help them look the part of the wise old cowboy. The older generation generally prefers the clean look and security of button suspenders, so save clip suspenders for those with hand troubles or other limitations who need an easier fastening option. “Cool Grandpa” Suspenders But for all this talk about classic looks and looking suave, some grandpas just want to have fun. In that case, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Novelty suspenders are the perfect way for both you and Grandpa to liven things up. Older folks love sports, animals, holidays and music just as much as younger ones, so get something they can use to show they’re still young at heart. Any occasion that he wears them will be special – especially since they came from you!
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