Check Out These Fall 2019 Suspender Trends

Suspenders are one of those clothing accessories that you can wear year after year and still be on-trend. That’s because they are highly adaptable to just about any current fashion trend. If you’re someone who loves keeping your look fresh and wearing suspenders, this 2019 fashion guide is for you. Whether you enjoy wearing a certain aesthetic or like to mix things up, there are some great ideas here that you may want to add to your own suspender style creations.

The Classic White Button-Down Shirt

There are some clothing items that are must haves for your fall wardrobe, and the button-down white shirt is one of them. This is a well-tailored shirt with a collar and long sleeves that button at the wrist. Since white is one of the most versatile colors, blending with numerous other colors, you can look sharp when paring it with tastefully chic suspenders in a myriad of colors and patterns. Checkered patterns are hot right now and they range from black and white checks to houndstooth to classy jacquard styles.

Pin Stripe Suit & Suspenders

If you work in an office setting that requires a suit, a pin stripe suit can be a sharp-looking addition to your work wardrobe. It’s a classic print that practically shouts “winner” as soon as you confidently walk into a room. The finishing touch that makes this suit even more impressive is a pair of sophisticated suspenders. You can opt for solid-colored suspenders of navy blue, grey, red, black or white. Pair it with the classic white button-down shirt and there is no stopping you from making a good impression.

Matching Suspenders & Checkered or Plaid Pants

As much as solid color pants and suspenders are a classic, fall 2019 trends are changing up the usual solid-colored style with a pair of tasteful checkered or plaid pants. Geometric squares of various sizes and colors are at the heart of these patterns and styles that can be suitable for business wear, casual wear or both. At work, you can pair your business suspenders with a white shirt and flattering pants that are well-tailored to your physique. Color match your suspenders with the pants for a coordinated look. For casual days, have fun with vibrant suspender colors such as red, orange or subtle tones of pink, blue or green.

Red Suspenders

If you don’t own a pair of red suspenders, it’s time to grab a pair for your fashion accessory collection. Red is passionate, vibrant and eye-catching, and it represents both love and power. Plus, it creates a rich pop of color for neutrals such as black, white or grey and for brown hues so often seen in autumn wardrobes. When worn with a business suit, this color can make you feel like taking on the world. Put it together with jeans to make a bold statement of individuality.

Accent a Plaid or Patchwork Shirt

A patchwork shirt is a design that combines two or more different fabric patterns in the same shirt. It often involves plaid, and you may find styles featuring one to four different colored plaid patches. But these shirts may also feature patches of stripes, checks or solid colors. Shirt materials may also differ. One example is when a patch of denim is connected to a mostly plaid shirt. This is a take on a country or rustic look, and you can pair these tops with all sorts of suspender styles, including leather suspenders.

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