Have a Blast With Fun Costume Ideas for Suspenders

Are you racking your brain trying to come up with fresh ideas for a costume? Whether it’s for Halloween or a big costume party just because, we can help you out with some neat ideas for costumes that use suspenders.

Suspenders are incredibly versatile, and you can make quite a few eye-catching costumes with them. Everyone from kids to teens to adults can find a suspenders size that fits, making it easy to create unique costumes for Halloween, holiday parties, parades, local plays and special occasions. Here are some of our favorite costume ideas:

All That Glittery Jazz

All the world is a stage when you don a pair of glitter suspenders that sparkle in the light. You can dress up as a showbiz icon who wows the crowd with a gleam in their eye, a bowler hat or wig, a glittery bowtie and, of course, glitter suspenders. Show off your best version of “jazz hands” as you strut your stuff and perform a little soft shuffle tap dance and maybe even a show tune.

A Miming Good Time

Make a scene that entertains without saying a word as you work your physical magic as a classic mime. Essential wardrobe pieces you need include a black and white horizontal stripe shirt, black pants, your choice of red suspenders (popping with bright color) or black suspenders, a red scarf to wear around the neck, a black or red beret, white gloves and black shoes. You can then paint your face white, using black face paint to highlight the eyes and mouth, or forgo the white face paint and just wear black accent makeup. Oh, and practice mime moves, so you can be convincing.

Get Gangster Tough

Be a gangster from the golden age of the 1920s to 1940s by pairing black pants, or black skirt, with a crisp white top and black suspenders. Accent with a black tie (optional), a black fedora hat and black shoes. Walk around like you own the place and get into character by pretending you’re ready to plan your next crime spree with the gang.

That Lovable Nerd

Nerds are cool in their own way and you can let your inner nerd flourish by dressing the part. Go all in with this look by pairing a classic knit button-down sweater, or sweater vest, with a plaid shirt and red suspenders. Make the look a bit more formal with a matching bowtie. Bottoms can be slightly loose or wear oversized jeans/pants or highwater pants (ankles exposed). Girls and women can wear a cute solid color or plaid skirt as an alternative to pants. Fake or real glasses add the finishing touch.

Kicking It In a Kilt

The kilt is a proud tradition among the Irish and Scottish, and if you’re okay with exposing your legs, this will be a great experience for you. Plaid kilts are very traditional, but you can also find solid color styles. They look good with black, navy or other dark-colored suspenders. Tops can be a white button-down shirt with an optional dark-colored vest or a casual white or black T-shirt.

Courageous Superhero

Summon the courage and strength of a superhero by wearing suspenders emblazoned with iconic comic book hero images for Batman, the Avengers, Captain America or Superman. You can pair them with a button-down shirt layered over a superhero graphic T-shirt for unstoppable fashion appeal.

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