Cool-Toned Suspenders for the Latest Winter Fashion

The cold weather is upon us, so it’s time to move the warm fall colors to the other side of the closet and bring the cooler tones front and center. Since we tend to wear darker colors in the winter, choose lighter ties and suspenders for a welcome contrast. Winter colors have cool blue undertones – think slate and icy blue – which create a sophisticated look when paired with white or dark-colored dress shirts. By adding a few elegant touches, such as silvery-blue suspenders or a steel-grey tie, to a muted wardrobe, you’ll brighten up your winter attire just enough.

Classic winter hues include light blues, greys and silvers, which always look great with dark suits, including those made of wool, cashmere or tweed. While not everyone wears a suit to work, the cooler colors are still on trend this season and can be paired with a plaid dress shirt or a solid tee. Suspenders are an easy way to lighten up a typically drab season. They go with just about anything, so you know you’ll get plenty of use out of them throughout the winter.

Here are a few ways to wear these colors this season: ·         Pair a blue plaid shirt with a solid pair of grey or light blue suspenders.

·         Dress up a solid white or dark blue button-down with a pair of navy blue and grey striped suspenders.

·         Spruce up a dress shirt with a pair of grey jacquard suspenders. The woven material creates a beautiful pattern that glimmers when the light catches it just right.

·         Lighten up a dark wool suit with a pair of steel blue grosgrain suspenders.

·         Don navy blue paisley suspenders with a slate grey shirt for a classic look.

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