How to Wear Gold and Yellow Suspenders with Style

While people rely on suspenders for comfort and functionality, they often don’t realize that they’re the perfect fashion accessory. And with so many colors and patterns to choose from, you can create your own look!

But if you really want to make a fashion statement, gold suspenders are the way to go. Don’t be intimidated by such a bright color – anyone can pull off this look, whether you’re going for a touch of elegance or you want to stand out in the crowd. Keep in mind that these aren’t your everyday suspenders. You wouldn’t wear them to the office or a business meeting. But if you have a special event coming up, a black-tie affair perhaps, a touch of gold can be both understated and sophisticated.

The trick to wearing gold suspenders to an upscale event is not overdoing it. You want to wear one statement piece, so make sure the rest of your outfit is much subtler – a black or white dress shirt and a muted tie work best.

Gold suspenders aren’t just for special occasions, so if you’re attending a party where anything goes, you can have fun and be creative. There are no rules, so feel free to pair your suspenders with a graphic tee and a pair of jeans or a plaid button up and khakis. Even a cashmere sweater and a pair of trousers can carry this look. When it really comes down to it, all that matters is that you’re comfortable in your clothes.

If you’re not ready to dive directly into gold, you can still brighten up your look with any one of our yellow suspenders. From neon to classic grosgrain, these suspenders are sure to lighten your mood, especially if you’re gearing up for a Monday morning meeting.

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