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Do You Wear a Belt with Suspenders? – SuspenderStore

Fashion rules change, and it can be difficult to stay up on all the latest trends. Luckily, most modern fashion rules skew more toward comfort than fussy details. At SuspenderStore, we often hear debates about whether it’s okay to wear a belt with suspenders. Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument, then you can decide which look is right for you.

The general argument against wearing a belt with suspenders follows the logic that they both do the same job — keeping your pants up — so combining them is overkill. You don’t wear boots over your shoes or two coats when it’s cold out, so you shouldn’t need two methods of securing your trousers. If you do, perhaps seeing a tailor is in order.

The nugget of truth here is that suspenders will look dressier and more polished when worn alone. It’s not a blatant faux-pas to wear them together, but your outfit will skew more casual.

On the other side of the debate are those who believe function overrides fashion and those who like breaking rules. Either way, we applaud you!

Suspenders can pair well with a belt, especially in casual outfits that lean toward a funky or bohemian vibe. To emphasize this, choose contrasting colors or patterns. Jeans will look rugged and hip with a brown leather belt and bright red suspenders, for example.

If you want to dress up the dual look, go for choices in the same color or material. For a polished look at the office, pair a black belt, black suspenders and black shoes with a suit and tie.

Furthermore, many are unaware that suspenders come in different sizes. No matter what style you choose or which other items you wear them with, take the time to consult a sizing chart and invest in a high-quality pair so your look will always be top-notch.

All the styles and types of suspenders at SuspenderStore are made from high-quality materials with craftsmanship and care. Whether you prefer classic styles for a business casual office, something more rugged for outdoor work, vintage or Western looks for subtle flair or something more novel or daring, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more. Don’t forget our fabulous collection of accessories, like pocket squares, bow ties and no-sew buttons to complete your look.

Plus, SuspenderStore brings you excellent customer service, fast shipping and easy returns, because we care that you are satisfied with every purchase. We want you to feel and look fantastic in suspenders — whether you pair them with a belt or not.

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