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A polished and professional workplace wardrobe is essential for anyone looking for success on the job. If your office requires formal or business casual attire, you may struggle with the urge to express your unique personality while staying within the dress code.

What if you could impress your boss with your business-appropriate look while catching her eye in a stylish and sophisticated way? Look no further than high-quality suspenders for the edge on a professional appearance with personal flair.

The fashion experts at SuspenderStore have put together a few tips that will keep you looking crisp and polished while infusing a little personality into your professional style.

Quality over Quantity

As with every piece in your professional wardrobe, the quality of your suspenders will decide if they are office appropriate. The cheap ones from the discount store will not add value to your carefully tailored and well-made suits or separates. Instead, opt for high-quality materials like silk or grosgrain to keep the entire look high-end.

Keep it Classic

Because suspenders have been a part of men’s fashion for so long, they bring a classic feel to any outfit, even though they may seem like a daring style choice. Keep the whole look classic by pairing suspenders with other wardrobe staples, like single-breasted jackets and button-tab colors. Navy, black or other solid colors will complement every suit in your closet and keep your overall look subtle and polished.

Attachment Issues

You’ve got two choices for attaching suspenders to your trousers: buttons and clips. Buttons look dressier but require sewing buttons onto your waistband unless you try the no-sew options available. Clips offer the versatility of quickly changing things up, but they look less tailored — unless you elevate the look with a drop clip that adds a polished touch.

Don’t Get Loopy

Suspenders look best on dressy trousers that do not have belt loops. On casual Fridays, it’s fine to rock them with jeans, but the best professional choice is trousers with a clean waistband. And unless it’s for a well curated look, it’s usually best to avoid wearing suspenders with a belt, although for casual workplaces, or extra support, wearing both is fine.

Size Matters

If you’ve avoided suspenders because you’ve got a belly and think they won’t look good on you, think again. Cinching your waist with a belt only accentuates what spills over it. Suspenders will keep your pants up while helping the fabric of your shirt and trousers lay flatter instead of bunching up, making your waistline less noticeable. And if your weight tends to fluctuate, suspenders are a perfect choice because they allow you to wear the same trousers without having them tailored when you gain or lose a few pounds.

Express Yourself

If you’re looking for ways to express your personality but feel stifled by the formality of your office’s dress code, suspenders are exactly what you need to add to your closet. A holiday-themed necktie might be off-putting for your boss or coworkers. But a pair of suspenders patterned with your favorite superhero might be just the thing to spark a conversation — and that could lead to your boss noticing more of your hard work. It’s best to keep your jacket on and let the flair just peek out, unless you go for a subtle pattern that just hints at the depths of your character.

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