Dress for Success with Oxford Kent Suspenders & Ties

Look like a million bucks when you accessorize with Oxford Kent suspenders. These luxury suspenders are just as well-made and stylish as any you may find at an upper-end store. However, this brand is affordably priced for every budget. Whether you prefer solid colors, tasteful patterns or both, you can easily find a style suitable for modern casual and dress outfits. And if you want to find matching men’s ties on a budget, or matching bowties, these are also simple to find in this collection.

Versatile for Casual and Dress

Timeless style is a part of every style found in the Oxford Kent suspender line. This means you can choose one or more styles that can be worn with your work suits and any casual outfits you desire. Constructed with tubularized non-elastic material, these suspenders have a polished appearance that convey classy dresser in spades. Excellent versatility allows you to wear them with sporty casual pieces or jeans. We can truly say that style possibilities are endless. Find your suspender size with SuspenderStore to ensure you make the most of every option.

Make a Statement with Patterns

Tasteful patterns that look meticulous are often what separates a cheap-looking patterned suspender from its more refined cousin. With this brand, you can always count on having numerous tasteful pattern options. These styles are so well done that there isn’t an easy way to tell them apart from higher-end brands. Make your mark on the world with stylish diagonal stripes in contemporary colors. Or perhaps you prefer the multi-stripe pattern featuring bordered shades of grey. Every now and then, you may want to switch to polka dots — just because. For the holidays, choose any of the chic winter patterns for just the right amount of cheer.

Convenient Convertible Attachments

Typically, suspenders come with either button-end or clip-end attachments. However, you won’t have to choose between the two with Oxford Kent styles. Each pair of suspenders comes with both types of attachments. This gives you the option of attaching them to bottoms with and without buttons. In our view, this is a win-win situation.

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