How to Wear Suspenders to Holiday Parties: 4 Ideas

Socializing with family, friends and coworkers at holiday parties is one of the things that makes the season buzz with happiness and good cheer. Maybe you’re already thinking about what outfits to wear to these parties and wondering if you should wear suspenders. As you consider your wardrobe options, we encourage you to go ahead and include holiday suspenders on the list of wearable accessories. As a matter of fact, this season is a fantastic time to show off your suspender styles. Hey, if suspenders are good enough for Santa, they’re certainly good enough for a holiday partygoer such as yourself. Find out how to choose the perfect pair of Christmas suspenders and more with SuspenderStore.

4 Ideas for Wearing Suspenders to Holiday Parties

Festive Red Stands Out

Red is one of the main holiday colors worn by countless people during the holidays. This makes it a great suspender color to choose for your outfit. Red pops with festive vibrancy and it can instantly make you look like you’re ready for a good time. Pair red suspenders with a white shirt and your choice of black slacks or blue jeans for a classic casual look.

Pay Homage to Santa with Black

You don’t have to dress up like Santa to be inspired by his use of red and black attire. Create an ultra-cool chic outfit with a pair of solid color black suspenders, similar to what Santa himself might wear. Attach the suspenders to a pair of nice-looking black slacks or black knickers (for vintage style). A button-down red shirt or red pullover sweater provides a festive pop of color.

Get Jolly with Novelty Holiday Styles

If you enjoy wearing suspenders with printed patterns, here’s an opportunity to wear a novelty pattern featuring a Christmas holiday theme. Christmas tree patterns are popular, as are themes featuring gifts or symbols of faith. Stick to solid shirt colors that go with pattern colors to keep eyes focused on your suspenders. Novelty Christmas patterns run the gamut from loud and flashy (aka the suspender equivalent of an ugly sweater) perfect for tongue-in-cheek fun to understated and professional for more sophisticated or formal occasions.

Light Up with Glitter or Neon

Be the life of the party when you wear suspenders that glitter as much as the tinsel on a Christmas tree. Choose glittery gold, red or silver for your outfit. Alternatively, you can mimic Christmas lights with neon suspenders that light up and change colors. Both options give you that “wow” factor.

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