Everything You Need to Know About Logger Suspenders

Loggers do a lot of bending, walking and lifting during their daily job duties, and spending the day cutting and hauling trees is a rugged job. Men and women loggers who prefer wearing suspenders know how crucial it is for work performance and safety to have suspenders that are equally rugged. SuspenderStore offers a selection of heavy-duty logger suspenders in black, navy, red and tan so you can pick from colors that look good with most casual work clothing.

Suspenders Tough Enough for Loggers

The job of a lumberjack is a demanding one and there’s no time for fussing over flimsy suspenders that don’t fit well or fall off at the worst times. If you’re a logger, you can count on our heavy-duty logger suspenders to remain strong and comfortable all day while you work. These unisex suspenders are made of the toughest elastic material with low-stretch for firmness. Because they are constructed with an X-back design, the straps sit comfortably on your torso. You can adjust them longer or shorter for a cozy fit and once you put them on, they stay put with your choice of button-on ends or strong-hold clips.

Great Choice for Construction Workers and Outdoorsy Types

Just because they’re called logger suspenders doesn’t mean people doing other jobs can’t wear them. In fact, we highly recommend this style of work suspenders for anyone doing construction work, farming work or any kind of outdoors labor. The nice thing about wearing sturdy 2-inch strap suspenders is you can move freely, and they stay solidly in place whether you’re hiking, swinging an axe or drilling nails into structural beams. Made in America, these suspenders feature top-quality construction details such as durable stitching, solid metal adjusters and a well-positioned leather cross patch.

Button vs. Clip-on Styles

If you’re new to wearing suspenders, you may be wondering what’s the difference between button and clip-on end attachments. Well, the main difference is in how both attachments function. Button-on styles have sturdy leather ends with tooled button holes, which attach to buttons sewn into your pants. If you like a traditional rustic look, choose this style. Metal clip-on attachments are appealing because they don’t require buttons, and they are easy to clip on and off bottoms. The metal clips on our work suspenders are extra strong for durable gripping. Both styles perform well under constant movement, so choosing one comes down to your personal preferences.

Comfortable for Big and Tall

If you happen to be a person with a big and tall physique, you know it can be a challenge finding suspenders that fit comfortably, especially heavy-duty ones. Well, now you can enjoy the same reliable logger suspenders as everyone else when you opt for our big and tall sizes made with the same quality standards.

Reflective Logger Suspenders for Safety

Sometimes you may find yourself working outdoors under low-light or completely dark conditions, which increases safety risks. To solve this dilemma and create more safety for yourself at the worksite, we recommend including a pair of heavy-duty reflective logger suspenders in your collection. These X-back suspenders are the same as our other button-on logger suspenders, but the elastic material is covered with reflective plastic. Wear them all day or switch back to regular heavy-duty styles during the daytime.

Same comment as the previous blog, but with the additional comment that it would be great in this blog to mention the new line of Tuff Stuff and Super Tuff Stuff suspenders  we are adding.  Made by Welch Suspenders in Oregon – in the heart of logger country – these suspenders are very popular with loggers and outdoor workmen of all sorts.  They are a premium quality work suspender which is how we will be positioning them. If this post isn’t going to go live for a while – we should have them on the site within a couple weeks.

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