Your Guide to the Best All-Season Work Suspenders

Suspenders are not just for fashion, they can also be one of your best work wardrobe accessories when you know what styles you prefer to wear daily. Most likely you want styles that can withstand the rigors of your job duties without the hassle of worrying about them slipping off during work activities. Luckily, SuspenderStore has plenty of all-season work suspenders for men and women who are looking for style and dependability.

Standard Heavy-Duty Non-Stretch Work Suspenders

Selecting suspenders to wear on the job is no trivial matter whether you work indoors or outdoors. If your job entails moving around a lot, bending, climbing, walking and doing other physical maneuvers, you need no-nonsense suspenders that look great and stay in place no matter what you’re doing. This describes our selection of heavy-duty non-stretch work suspenders to a tee. These wide, sturdy suspenders are made of a non-flexible material so choosing the right size is important for comfort. Powerful clips ensure your pants stay up even when you have a bunch of tools and stuff in your pockets.

Logger Suspenders

Anyone who works outdoors doing physically demanding tasks such as cutting and sawing trees, building structures from scratch, climbing hills, doing outdoors repair work and other activities can certainly make good use of logger suspenders. Made from heavy-duty low-stretch elastic, these 2-inch wide suspenders have wide buckles for easy comfort adjustments. You can choose the classic button-end style or go with strong pin clips. Either way, you’ll be happy that you can do your work without constantly pulling up your pants.

Firefighter Suspenders

When the call comes in that a fire or emergency is in progress, the last thing a hardworking firefighter wants to think about is keeping their pants up during all the action. This is exactly why we offer our heavy-duty firefighter suspenders. Crafted of durable material in the X-back style, these reliable suspenders sport button-on leather attachments that fasten to the front and back of bottoms for a snug fit. There are also two added back straps for holding up heavier pants and any gear that can weigh down bottoms.

Convertible Police Suspenders

Law enforcement professionals are expected to look sharp while on duty, and that means no sagging pants. Convertible police suspenders are a welcome alternative to weighty belts that may feel uncomfortable as the hours wear on. Made in America of high-quality leather, these suspenders are comfortable and include several eyelets for holding a badge, cell phone and other must have essentials. They come with your choice of button-on, trigger snap or black alligator clip attachments. Speaking of comfort, these are Y-back style and the leather is soft enough to stretch naturally over time as you continue wearing them.

Reflective Safety Suspenders

Job safety is everything, especially when you’re doing tasks that require you to work outdoors near busy streets or on worksites that use heavy equipment and power tools. By slipping on a pair of heavy-duty reflective suspenders, you can remain comfortable as you go about your tasks and be easy to spot. These specialty suspenders are crafted of low-stretch elastic and covered in reflective protective plastic for good visibility.

Heavy-Duty Support Suspenders

Support suspenders are among our most rugged heavy-duty styles. Men and women who work in various occupations can appreciate their 2-inch wide straps, easy-to-adjust buckles and durable non-elastic material attached to strong construction clips. Comfortable support pads can be adjusted to create the best quality fit for all body types, and we offer standard as well as big and tall sizing.

This is timely since we are reworking this page slightly.  We are including our Rugged Comfort suspenders on this page since them not being there has been a bit of an oversight.  Designed with ranchers in mind, these are heavy duty low stretch elastic suspenders with a western flair – many people love to wear them for work wear in general. They come in three different attachment styles.  These should be on our work suspenders page within a couple days so it would be great if you could call these out as well.

We are also adding some new Premium Quality Work Suspenders from a new supplier based in Oregon – these are super high quality low stretch elastic.  We are also adding some Reflective suspenders with a belt clip attachment and some low stretch work suspenders with belt clip as well.  None of these new products have come in yet though so they won’t make it onto the page for a while.

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