How to Dress Up Jeans: 10 Tips for Men

Casual dressing doesn't get any easier than pulling on a favorite pair of jeans and grabbing a top to go with it. Jeans allow you to quickly create any kind of casual look you desire. But what can you do if you want to wear jeans in professional settings?

You'll be happy to learn that there are ways you can elevate your jean game and make them an integral part of a professional look. First, you need some tips on how to dress up jeans to confidently create all sorts of elevated casual looks. Keep reading to find out how to wear jeans to work and look professional.

Choose Dark Jeans

You may already own a number of jeans in various shades of blue and other colors. Light and medium shades of blue are particularly popular for casual dressing. However, you should avoid those lighter shades when you want to create a professional look. The first rule is to always go with dark blue or black jeans for a professional work environment. By professional, we mean the clothing you wear in an office setting or for interacting with clients or customers.

Pay More for Quality

Are you looking at that pair of well-worn dark jeans you've owned for years? Or that budget pair you got on sale? Forget about wearing those jeans to work. In order to create the best-looking dark blue jeans outfit, you should be shopping for high-quality jeans from the men's fashion collection. If the cost bothers you, consider dark jeans made with quality materials and construction a worthy investment for your future fashion plans.

Sizzle in a Plain T-Shirt

You can still pull off the jeans and tee outfit. Just do it like Hollywood legends James Dean or Marlon Brando would. A well-fitted plain T-shirt in white (or another color) and dark blue jeans is a classic look that you can wear "as is" or layer over with a blazer, jacket or sweater.

Make a Work Shirt Look Cool

The classic men's work shirt has plenty of working-class flair for the workplace. Consider getting a solid-colored work shirt in several colors once you find a style that works for you. Unless you are required to wear an official work shirt with a company logo or insignia, avoid styles with logos.

Dress Shirts: A Timeless Winner

Dress shirts are something you may already be wearing at work. However, if you are just now being required to wear one, know that you can go ahead and pair them with your great-looking dark jeans. Layer it over a tee like you do your work shirt as an alternative look.

The Terrific Turtleneck

When the weather turns cool outside, you can add the classic turtleneck to your outfit options. Black, white, tan and gray solid colors can be your easy go-to choices. Consider adding red, burgundy and hunter green for festive occasions.

Looking Good in a Sweater

Stay warm and cozy while looking ready for anything in an array of cardigans and pullover sweaters. These pair well with tees, dress shirts and turtlenecks.

Blazers and Jackets

Elevate jeans by choosing any of the above shirts and topping them off with a blazer or sports jacket. Solid colors work best for blazers. As for sports jackets, feel free to choose patterns with pizazz - but keep it tasteful.

What About Shoes?

Stick with dress shoes, nice-looking slip-on shoes or boots. Steer clear of sneakers.

Add Suspenders for Fashion Flair

Suspenders in solid colors and captivating patterns can add extra uniqueness and a personal touch to all of the above outfit ideas.
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