What are the Different Types of Tie Knots?

The time always seems to come around when even the most casual of dressers needs to learn how to tie a tie. What usually prompts someone to consider learning this skill is an occasion requiring a suit and tie. It may be an interview or an event such as a wedding. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you learn a bit about types of tie knots that are used most often by people of all ages. The following tie knot suggestions can be used with various styles of men's neckties.

Full (Double) Windsor Knot

As you become more familiar with various tie knots, there is one knot that ranks highly among a wide range of men who wear ties. The full Windsor knot, which is also called a double Winsor knot. This knot was inspired by a Duke of Windsor from the early part of the 20th century. This duke never used this knot, but it resembles his favorite tie knot, and that was enough to make it a smash international hit.

The double Windsor knot is appropriate for formal events and special occasions. It has a broad, triangular appearance thanks to its double looping on both ends. French collar shirts and open collar spread shirts look best with this knot. When learning how to tie a Windsor double knot, choose a long tie made of silk or one made of thinner material. Timeless tie knots like this one can have a vintage or unique flair by pairing with the right dress suspenders.

Half Windsor Knot

There is a second type of Windsor knot that many men prefer over the full version and this one is called the half Windsor knot. This knot shares a similar classic elegance with its original, but it is less thick and more versatile. It's a good idea to learn how to tie a half Windsor knot because this knot looks great with any business suit. Wear this elegant, small- to medium-sized triangle knot with a wide-collar shirt. Just keep in mind that you want the shirt collar to evenly frame the knot, so that it doesn't appear too wide or too narrow.

The tie you choose should be on the thinner side and made of a sleek, smooth texture. Silk ties are always number one but another fabric in this style can do this knot justice. Make sure the tie is fastened securely around your neck for a polished look. This knot can be used for formal occasions as well and also complements business suspenders - maybe even dressy conversational styles if your tie is a solid color.

Eldredge Knot

Some tie knots are so distinctively creative that they spark curiosity and a desire to learn how to re-create the look. The Eldridge knot is in this category. Despite it being complex and challenging, you might feel compelled to learn how to tie an Eldridge knot. It has a large presentation and resembles a tapered braid when done correctly. Due to its flashiness, this knot should be worn with simple outfits and for non-professional occasions.

Choose a tie in a solid color and pair it with spread collar dress shirts. Skinny suspenders can be used for a subtle accent to this impressive knot.

Trinity Knot

The voluminous Trinity knot is a recent style innovation, and it is an opulent knot that is more suitable for special occasions than work environments. When done correctly, it has three attention-getting, interlocking knot sections. When learning how to tie a Trinity knot, the key is to have a light (loose) touch when assembling the knots. This helps to maintain the desired volume when securing the tie during the final steps.

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