How to Match Suspenders – Suspenders Style Tips

Wearing suspenders can instantly elevate your look. But if you want to look truly polished and poised, it helps to put a little extra effort into planning your outfits. Suspenders should be considered an important accessory like ties, belts or shoes. You want all of these items to complement your outfit while also coordinating for a stylish look. Check out these tips for how to match suspenders with the rest of your ensemble.

Choose Complementary Colors

Your suspenders do not have to perfectly match your outfit. In fact, it looks better if you choose a color or pattern that complements the clothing you’re wearing rather than something that’s an exact match. For example, perhaps you’re wearing a navy blue suit and you want to pair it with some stylish suspenders. A great choice would be a pair of patterned suspenders that includes just a hint of navy, like paisley or plaid suspenders. This helps it tie into your overall look. You could also try a solid color, like grey and brown suspenders, that is a nice complementary color with the navy of the suit.

Think About Other Accessories

If you’re trying to put together a sleek ensemble, don’t forget to make your other accessories a good match for the suspenders you want to wear. For example, your tie and pocket square shouldn’t clash with your suspenders. The loops which attach your suspenders to your pants can help you figure out which shoe color is a good fit; for example, brown suspender attachments look best when paired with brown shoes.

Exceptions to the Rule

Usually, a monochromatic look isn’t recommended when wearing suspenders. However, a common exception is for formal events like weddings. In these situations, you can wear the same color for all your accessories (suspenders, bow ties, etc.) to fit into a certain theme for the event. This is a popular look for grooms and groomsmen in weddings. Consider this exception along with the aforementioned matching tips when putting together your next outfit.

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