How to Wear Suspenders Hanging Down at Your Sides

Suspenders are traditionally associated with dressing up. They’re often worn for special occasions like weddings, holidays or work functions. But that’s not the only way to wear suspenders. In fact, you can embrace a completely cool, casual look by wearing your suspenders hanging down. It’s an edgy style that’s ideal for someone who likes to stay on top of the latest trends and make major fashion statements. Here’s a complete guide to how to wear your suspenders hanging down for a fresh take on a classic accessory.

Create a Cohesive Look

Before you put your suspenders on in this cool way, it’s important to think about how the accessory will tie in with the rest of your outfit. Most people wear their suspenders down to get an edgy look, so plain black suspenders are a top pick for this particular style. This gives you a subtle, sleek look, so it’s also good for trying out this style without being too flashy. If you want to look a little more avant-garde, go with patterned or colorful suspenders. A pair of nice leather suspenders can also be a nice fit because it adds a bit of texture and sophistication to an otherwise casual style.

Keep it Casual

Wearing your suspenders hanging down at your sides is an easy way to create a unique casual outfit. By wearing the suspenders off your shoulders, it immediately signals that you’re not looking to create a formal or professional appearance, making it perfect for occasions where you want an edgy style. Consider wearing your suspenders down with simple jeans and a T-shirt. You could also add a tailored element to the look by wearing a vest and untucked button-up shirt with your suspenders down. This kind of casual appeal makes for plenty of fun new ways to incorporate suspenders into your wardrobe.

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