How to Wear Suspenders with Vests – Suspender Styling

Who says you have to choose between vests and suspenders? Both of these stylish accessories can easily be worn together to pull off a dashing look. Learn how to style your suspenders with a vest to get a fashion-forward appearance that’s great for a wide variety of occasions. Layer Up

When wearing a vest and suspenders together, you’ll always want the suspenders to be on top. Put on your vest first, then attach the suspenders so that they sit snugly over the vest. Make sure they aren’t too tight, or your suspenders may pull at the vest fabric. In addition, your suspenders should be arranged only over the vest. You don’t want the straps sitting off to the side on your shoulders or attached to your pants below a too-short vest.

Choosing Colors

If you’re going for a look that includes both a vest and suspenders, it’s better to select contrasting colors rather than matching ones. Otherwise, your suspenders will simply blend in and may go unnoticed! Feel free to pair up brighter colors or a solid and a pattern for more casual looks. If you’re wearing a formal outfit, it’s better to wear a solid or print vest and neutral dress suspenders that match your suit. This allows you to incorporate some color while still looking dressy enough for the occasion.

Formal vs. Casual

A vest and suspenders may sound pretty dapper, but this look doesn’t have to be reserved only for fancy functions. You can pair these accessories with a worn-in pair of blue jeans or even your nicest suit. When worn with a casual shirt and paints, a cool vest and skinny suspenders allow you to look put-together without being overdressed. For formal events, the suspenders and vest show that you know how to accessorize stylishly. You can even add a bow tie to complete the look.

Make a stylish statement by combining unique suspenders with a favorite vest. It’s one of the easiest ways to change up your look.
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