Whimsical Women’s Suspenders for the New Year

Ladies, take note: Suspenders are NOT just for guys. In fact, this stylish accessory has become a popular accent in many women’s wardrobes in recent years. You’ll even find some celebrities sporting this stylish look. The suspender trend is here to stay, so take advantage of the opportunity to add a little extra personality into your outfits. Check out these whimsical women’s suspender styles you can sport in the new year.  Get Skinny

In the new year, focus on slimming down your accessories with some skinny suspenders. This look is popular with women because the thin suspenders have a more feminine appearance compared to wide and thick styles. The delicate straps are a great accent to anything from casual T-shirts to beautiful blouses. Plus, you can choose from neutral or bold tones to add a pop of color to every outfit.

Jazz Things Up

Suspenders make it so easy to take an ensemble from drab to fab in seconds. If you’re the type who tends to buy neutral tones for your wardrobe, take the opportunity to add excitement to your outfits with pastel or neon suspenders. If you really want to turn heads with your fabulous style, try animal print, plaid or polka dot suspenders. Another great option is glitter suspenders, which look absolutely dazzling when worn with a dressy ensemble.

These fun colors and prints take a timeless style accessory into the modern era. Whether you want a punk rock look for a big concert or something sexy and sophisticated for date night, suspenders may be just the thing to take your style to the next level.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take more risks, start with this stylish fashion statement. Women’s suspenders offer an easy way to incorporate some extra fun into your wardrobe.

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