New Year’s Outfit Ideas for Guys: Start 2021 Off in Style

The year 2020 is about to become history, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear for an upcoming New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day celebration. Whether you plan to celebrate at home with family or friends or go out for an evening of socially distanced festivities, you can find ways to express yourself through your outfit choices. A new year always brings the promise of a fresh start, and for 2021, there is even more reason to allow yourself to dream and hope for a better year ahead. We hope these New Year’s outfit ideas for guys helps you pull together an awesome look.

Be Flashy with Glowing Neon

If you’re the type of person who loves being the life of the party, or who enjoys making people feel good and laugh, you can choose an outfit that achieves both of these goals. What’s more fun than showing up at a party wearing a light or dark button-down shirt, dark pants or black jeans and a matching bow tie and suspender set that lights up. Imagine the reactions you’ll get when everyone stares in captivated wonder as your accessories change from blue to green to purple to orange and so on.

Be a Showstopper

There’s a part of you that is always longing to be on stage performing for a crowd of appreciative onlookers. You’ve got loads of talent and you may even have “star” qualities. Sure, you may be doing something completely different right now than what you were born to do but there is one time of year when that doesn’t matter, and that’s New Year’s Day. So, go ahead and wear that black shirt with black pants and put on that sparkling pair of silver or gold glitter suspenders and be the showstopping bright light people adore.

Embrace Your Inner Superhero

During these challenging times, the world needs a superhero who believes in fairness and justice. Since most superheroes are busy doing their best to keep up with everything happening in other areas, you might as well take on the role of Batman or Superman as best you can to embody the spirit of what these superheroes mean to you. These superhero suspenders work best with complementary colors.

Choose an Upbeat Tie Set

Are you going to be wearing a semi-formal outfit for New Year’s? Here’s a way you can wear a tie and suspenders while not looking too stuffy or outdated. This is the perfect time to wear an upbeat ensemble by selecting a colorful matching tie and suspender set featuring stripes, polka dots or wintery patterns. Choose a navy or gray suit to wear with them. Or go with separates in navy, blue, gray, pale green, red or white.

Be Fashionably Rustic

What can a laidback guy who’s into the rustic look wear for the start of 2021? How about a nice pair of dark jeans paired with a blue or white button-down shirt and a pair of fashionable leather suspenders? Yep, you can look great in this timeless farm/ranch hand style and you may even want to add a cowboy hat and western style boots to the mix. Alternatively, you can wear a newsboy cap and hiking boots, or opt for tousled hair and rolled up jeans with any boot or shoe.

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