An Introduction to Sock Garters: Wearing Suspenders for Socks

Each time you slip on a pair of socks, you have the expectation that those socks are going to do exactly what they are supposed to do - cover your feet and calves, until you remove therm. This seems simple enough, and things do seem to pan out that way for the most part, that is, unless you happen to be wearing a pair of socks that refuses to stay up. One of fashion's most annoying experiences is when one or both socks start slipping downwards as you walk or run. While many just accept the slippage as something that must be put up with, others have found relief in an old, but still effective solution: the sock garter.

What is a Sock Garter?

In case you've never heard of this fashion accessory, we're happy to let you know more about sock garters. In a nutshell, this type of garter is an elastic loop with fasteners that is placed around the calf, just below the knee. The garter's sole purpose is to prevent socks from slipping down your leg. Some people refer to them as a sock strap, while others call them sock suspenders. Whatever you prefer calling them, these suspenders for socks work like a charm.

Sock Garters Are Timeless

As you might suspect, this item used to be more popular in the days when men worn business suits pretty much everywhere, even when not working. However, with the popularity of casual looks, whole generations have grown up never once seeing or using this wardrobe staple. But sock garters are still around, and they are more comfortable and flexible than ever thanks to improved elastic material and adjustability. The timeless sock garter can be worn when you absolutely must have your socks looking crisp and neat. And they are still most often worn under business suits and tuxedos.

Choose a Quality Garter

The quality of material and workmanship plays an important role in the longevity of any sock garter. Cheap garters wear out too quickly or they don't offer enough comfort. You can avoid poor quality by getting your sock garters from a trusted source, such as SuspenderStore.

How to Wear Sock Garters

When your sock garters arrive, you are going to receive a set of two. Each garter is unfastened and looks like a strip of elastic with two fastener attachments in the middle for holding socks, and a closure fastener at both ends. An adjustment buckle is located on one side. Follow these simple steps to put on your garters.

Step 1. Put both socks on and make sure they are pulled all the way up as far as they can go.

Step 2. Pick up one of the garters and fasten one clip to the upper left or right side of one of the socks. Fasten the remaining clip to the opposite side of the sock.

Step 3. Wrap the two ends of the garter around your calf and make any adjustments to its size for a comfortable fit. Attach both ends together using the closure and you're done! Repeat the steps for the remaining garter.

Expand the Life of Falling Socks

Over time, even socks with great banding at the top may eventually become loose and start drooping. If you have socks like these, you can get more wear out of them by using sock garters to do the job of those worn out bands.

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