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Passionate Purple: How to Wear Purple Suspenders

Wearing the color purple is said to encourage imagination and creativity. It also symbolizes royalty and all that comes with it, including wealth, luxury and sophistication. Incorporating purple accents into your outfits with purple suspenders is easier than it may seem. This lovely color is a classy way to accessorize your outfits with style. Different shades of purple suspenders can be bright without seeming obnoxious and light without being too stereotypically feminine. Deep purple suspenders also lend a complex richness to any ensemble. purple suspender guide For an updated version of a classic, try pairing a navy blue suit with a lavender shirt and royal purple suspenders. Finish the look with a matching royal purple bowtie and pocket square. This color combination can instantly elevate a boring suit to an outfit that is fit for an elegant evening. You can also bring this color combination into a more casual ensemble by pairing a set of royal purple suspenders with a navy blue button-up shirt and a pair of jeans. The monochromatic shirt and pants combination will really let the beautiful color of the suspenders shine. If you would like your look to be more subtle, try pairing a set of burgundy or eggplant purple suspenders with a dark suit or shirt. Worn with a black suit and a white shirt, these suspenders will stand out just enough to be different without drawing too much attention to your outfit. Over a black T-shirt, a pair of dark purple suspenders would look rich and warm without being too bold. men's purple suspenders Take your purple suspenders in another direction with a more lightly colored palette for spring or summer. Choose a light purple or lavender set of suspenders and wear them with light grey or charcoal and white clothing. Try grey pants, a white shirt and lavender suspenders for Easter Sunday. Dress it up a little more and this outfit is also great for a warm weather wedding. Lavender suspenders over a white T-shirt with blue jeans would also look great on a man or woman for a casual springtime look.
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