Quick Guide: How to Sew Suspender Buttons on Pants

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Now that you’ve found a great-looking pair of button-on suspenders, you realize you need to sew buttons on your pants before you can wear them. This is a common occurrence and you can remedy this situation by doing your own sewing. Even if you’ve never sewn a button before, this quick guide can help you achieve good results.

Choose Quality Suspender Buttons

The first thing to understand is that you must choose the right buttons for this task. There is a difference between four-hole suspender buttons and the typical shirt button. In a nutshell, suspender buttons are wider in width and edges are curved vs. sharp.

Do You Sew Them Inside or Outside?

Decide where you want to place your buttons. By far, the most popular option is sewing them on the inside of pants. However, some people prefer putting buttons on the outside, and this is fine also. For instance, you may want an outside placement for those rugged work suspenders.

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Figuring Out Button Distance

You must now figure out how much distance you need between buttons on your pants. Typically, the distance required is between 2-1/2 inches and 3 inches. Some prefer 2 inches, while others prefer 2-3/4 inches. For back buttons, the distance is split. For example, at 2-3/4 inches, you split this number in half to come up with 1-3/8 inch from the center for each button.

Positioning Buttons

When sewing buttons on the inside of pants, be sure to place them somewhere in the middle of the waistband. This positioning isn’t a factor for outside buttons. Get your best positioning by laying suspenders over your shoulders and looking in the mirror to see how the straps naturally align with your body. Use measuring tape to determine exact distance and mark your preferred placements with a colored pencil.


Double thread a sturdy needle with 25 to 26 inches of thread in a color that complements your pants. Double knot the end. Push the needle up through one buttonhole and down through an opposite hole, either horizontally or vertically. Be mindful to sew only within the inner fabric lining. Cut the thread and tie off with another double knot.

Skip the Sewing with No-Sew Buttons

If sewing isn’t your thing, opt for no-sew suspender buttons. You can choose buttons that can be moved or permanent buttons that get hammered into the waistband

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