The 2020 Suspender Style Guide of the Best New Trends

A fresh decade is underway and that means it’s time to look at all of the new trends happening in accessories fashion. Since our area of expertise is in suspenders, we’re focusing on suspender style in this guide on our favorite versatile clothing accessory.

A man with striped suspenders, plaid shirt, and a grey vest

The Vest Look

Vests have never gone out of style, but the trend for vests is making them the main focal point. It’s okay to wear a vest with a long or short-sleeved shirt, a T-shirt, tank top or no shirt. For a vest to look good with suspenders draped over the front, be sure the vest doesn’t fall below the waistline. If it does, you can always tuck the ends into your pants.

Matching Couples

Occasionally, it’s fun for couples to wear matching outfits. If you’ve thought about doing this, yes, you can do this look with suspenders. An easy look to pull together quickly is a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and the same style of suspenders. Black, brown, grey or navy suspenders made from elastic or leather works fine for most. If you prefer other colors, be sure you choose color combinations that are flattering for each of you.

Cargo Pants

Are you glad that cargo pants are making a comeback? We sure are. These are some of the most comfortable pants to wear for casual days. They’re roomy and there’s all of those pockets for keeping stuff you want to carry. Have some fun with this look by choosing patterned suspenders. Some good ideas are plaids, stripes and polka dots.

Alternative Monochromatic Suit

Monochromatic suit looks are very trendy, but there’s a difference this time around. Forget about the standard black or navy colors worn most often in the past. Instead, think light to medium grey, light to medium blue or turquoise, purple, mauve, pink or cream. Keep your shirt, vest (if you wear one), tie and suspenders all in the same color family. Shoes should be the same color or in a complementary color that adds fashion flair.

No Shirt Underneath

Man with no shirt, striped black and white suspenders, and jeans

For guys who like going shirtless when the weather gets hot outdoors, this trend may be the one you’ve been secretly waiting on. While the shirtless look is one that’s been done forever, the addition of a pair of suspenders gives it a bit more polish. This look is best when suspenders are paired with a comfortable pair of “lived in” jeans (with or without holes). Another good thing about this look is that there’s no need to decide what shirt to wear, or whether to tuck the shirt bottom in or leave it out.

Sheer Shirt

Family with white shirts, jeans, and black suspenders

Going shirtless isn’t everyone’s cup of fashion tea, which is why the sheer shirt is such a great alternative option. Sheer shirts are on-trend this year and they are showing up in a range of styles. The basic mesh sheer shirt can be cut similar to a T-shirt or a button-down shirt with a collar. Black is the most prominent color for sheer shirts. However, there are some styles in blue or white. If you want to explore patterned styles, there are florals, stripes and geometric patterns galore.

Consider wearing skinny black suspenders with a black sheer shirt for a monochromatic fashion statement. Take it to another level with striped suspenders in complimentary colors.

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